The Method Behind The Vibeness

We’re here to help you raise Curious, Courageous and Kind kids. Why? Well, not only does the world need more curious, courageous and kind people right now, but research shows these character traits are highly predictive of high achievement and life satisfaction…i.e. Happy Grown Ups.

To do so, we united the brightest educational minds to create our five-step EDMO Method….it’s what puts the “genius” in. Working with consultants from top universities (UC Berkeley’s Greater Good Science Center), leading museums (California Academy of Sciences and the Children’s Creativity Museum) and our favorite industry professionals (KIDmob Design Firm), we’ve incorporated the latest, most scientifically-proven methods of building Social Emotional Learning (SEL) and character skills through our Science, Maker, Tech, and Nature programs.

Voted Bay Area’s “Best Summer Day Camp”, “Best Technology Camp” & “Best Educational Support Program”                      –BayAreaParent Magazine 2009-2017

  • STEP 1: We Start with Six Key Supports.
  • STEP 2: We Load Each Support with Thousands of Activities.
  • STEP 3: Our Activities Inspire Four Internal Mindsets.
  • STEP 4: The Four Mindsets Activate Six (SEL) Behavior Skills.
  • STEP 5: The SEL Skills Boost Our Three Vibe Character Traits.