Our Mission: To create equitable, high-quality STEAand SEL programs that cultivate curious, courageous and kind humans.

Our History

We had no idea how much good we could do. When Ed Caballero and Sharon Mor met back in 1999 at SCORE! Educational Centers in Santa Clarita, they had no idea that they would one day found their own enrichment company serving over 20,000 kids annually. Sharon, a UCLA graduate, was actually Ed’s first boss out of college. Ed, a Cornell University graduate, was her Assistant Director. It was here that Ed shared his dream with Sharon of one day opening his own summer camp. You see he had worked at day camps in his hometown of San Francisco ever since he was 12 years old. He thought it was the best job in the world and couldn’t think of anything he’d rather do with his life.

Four years later, while Ed was backpacking through South America, Sharon reached back out to him. They had both already left SCORE! and Sharon had worked for a couple other enrichment camps. Together, they decided to start their own summer camp, but make it a non-profit and focus on building the traits of Curiosity, Courage and Kindness through hands-on arts and science programs. In 2004, the first Camp Edventure More was opened in Mill Valley with curriculum ghost written by staff from Bay Area museums. (The “EDMO” nickname hadn’t been coined yet).

The camp was small, with only 60 kids over 4 weeks, but a huge hit with kids and parents. Following this first summer, Ed and Sharon approached some local museums to officially partner in the curriculum design. The California Academy of Sciences, The Exploratorium and the YMCA of Marin liked EDMO™’s mission and agreed to join the cause and the first partnerships were born! The following summer they opened a second site in San Francisco, serving 800 kids across the two sites, and the rest as they say, is history.

Today, EDMO™ serves 20,000 kids annually through its Summer Camp and School Year Programs. It continues to expand its reach, increase its quality and deepen its impact through partnerships with museums, universities, industry professionals, and funders who care about reducing Summer Learning Loss, building 21st Century Skills and saving hands-on learning in schools.

Please visit EDMO’s People and Partners pages to learn more about all the great people that make Edventure More what it is today.

Our Impact

That little “.org” is a big reason why we can do so much good. When you choose Camp EDMO™, you make a difference in your child’s life and thousands of others. We believe all children and schools should have access to high-quality Summer Camp and School Year enrichment programs. That’s why we incorporated as a 501(c)(3) non-profit.  Here are a few things of the good things your money goes towards:

  • 5% of your camp proceeds and 100% of your donations goes towards serving low-income families.
  • Together with your proceeds and support from our civic and corporate partners, we fund over 1,000 weeks of camp scholarships each year.
  • We subsidize the cost of over 400 STEAM in-class and after school programs for local public and private schools.
  • Our Development Team works tirelessly on fundraising initiatives that raise over $500,000 annually from cities, foundations and school districts. 
  • We help close the Achievement Gap, reduce Summer Learning Loss, save hands-on learning in schools and build 21st Century Life Skills in your child and your community.
  • All told, thanks to your support, we deliver over $1,000,000 worth of discounted summer camp and school year programs annually to local families and schools. That’s not a typo. Over $1 Million.

Please visit our Equity Programs page to see how we are currently helping underserved kids, schools, and families in your community or to apply for a scholarship.

Our Year-Round Services

  • Summer Camp

    Our high-quality, high-access STEAM (Science, Technology, Engineering, Arts, and Math) and SEL (Social Emotional Learning) programs expose Pre-K–8th Grade kids to the latest scientifically proven methods of whole-child development. The core character traits we aim to build are Curiosity, Courage and Kindness. In order to achieve this goal, kids learn to develop four mindsets and practice six SEL skills while they engineer buildings, code applications, or hike through nature. Visit our Locations page to find a camp near you.

    School Year Programs

    Get EDMO year-round! Our Camp EDMO™ school year offerings include After School, Weekend & Break Camps, Professional Development, and Custom Event programs. Each feature our award-winning staff and science, maker or technology projects that are fully customizable to your school calendar or event. Book one today to keep rocking the EDMO™ vibe of Curiosity, Courage and Kindness all year long. Visit our Camp EDMO™ School Year page to book a program in your school or community.

“Camp EDMO™ has truly offered my child a lot...My daughter has learned character building skills that provide her a better sense of self. She has developed meaningful participation, positive social interaction and creative self expression. As a parent, I am deeply thankful and grateful for Camp EDMO™. The staff are supportive and encouraging and represent diversity, teamwork and role model leadership skills.”
– - Yaffa A., 5th Grade, SF-Noe/Twin Peaks Parent