What Big Teeth You Have – Fun Science for Kids!

Ever thought you’d get to see dinosaurs roaming the groves of San Francisco’s Golden Gate Park? You can! The California Academy of Sciences is presenting Dino Days now through May 5, where you can step into their East Garden—and 66 million years into the past.

The dinos are life sized, they move, blink and even roar. There are lots of different species to see, even a mama with eggs and some newly hatched babies! Beyond the garden, you’ll find plenty of exhibits on bones and dinosaurs inside the museum. There’s also an amazing amount of undersea life and you can even shake things up with a “ride” on their earthquake simulator.

Extend the learning beyond your visit by throwing in some books. David Catrow’s Max Spaniel: Dinosaur Hunter is an early reader loaded with imaginative fun for all ages. Matthew Reinhart’s & Robert Sabuda’s Encyclopedia Prehistorica: Dinosaurs is an exhilarating pop-up book full of facts that will get kids interested and fascinate those who already are. Brian Switek’s Skelton Keys has an excellent audiobook that is the perfect listen for science obsessed fifth-graders through adults. Switek’s engaging chapters are packed with info on bones and pre-historic life as well, play it in the car on your way to the Academy and everyone can learn something new!

Need more engaging science beyond that? There’s always Camp EDMO®  Dino Discovery for pre-K-K, Backyard Biology for 1st-4th grade and Bio-Blitz for 5th-8th. After Cal Academy, come join us at Camp!