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The New School

Most nights these day, I wake up with my heart beating out of my chest. Most conversations I have with my staff and education leaders across the country, I tear up. The enormity of what’s happening overwhelms me.

In addition to redesigning EDMO® to become an online learning platform for summer, I’ve also been speaking with district, county and state leaders as we reimagine what the school day is going to look like in the post-Covid world. There’s a lot of permutations being discussed. No one model has emerged. However, three things are absolutely certain. One – There will be gaps. Will the gaps be in the morning, the afternoon, every other day, four days a week, just for some students or all students? That remains to be seen. Two – There will be cuts. Massive state budget cuts that are about to happen across the country. California alone is staring down a potential $12 Billion cut. Three – We must stand for equity now.

The definition of “school” is evolving. The new school will be a collaboration between school day teachers, parents or guardians, and out-of-school time learning organizations. With the state and federal government unable to pay for the cost of filling the gaps, we must count on each other. We’ll need those who can afford more, to pay more. For those we need help the most, we’ll need to get it to them fast. We will get through this crisis. Whether we emerge stronger together is up to each of us.

Our sustainable model of education equity is designed for this moment in time. It’s also a simple plug-and-play system for school districts. We’re serving kids every hour between 9:30am-5:30pm (PDT) daily. If a child is in school in the morning, we can serve them in the afternoon. If they’re only in school Mon-Wed-Fri, we can serve them Tue and Thu. It doesn’t matter if a child is from a low-income family or a wealthy family. Thanks to our Honor System Pricing and the equity allies who stand with us, we can afford to serve everyone.

Imagine a world where ALL kids have instant year-round access to live, smart caring adults who can teach hands-on science, maker, coding, graphic design, cooking, hula dancing, drawing, yoga, kindness crafts, mindfulness exercises, drawing, knitting, music lessons…anything and everything. My heart pounds. My eyes tear up. That world is happening right now.