Show off your camp spirit!  

There are lots of ways to show off your spirit at camp. Take a look at our favorites and rock the vibe at camp!

Take the T-shirt challenge.

Earn a “Plus Card” in our EDMO Vibe™ Game by completing the T-Shirt Challenge of the Week. T-shirt challenges are designed to help campers rock the EDMO® Vibe at home!

To participate, either:
1. Post a photo of you in your t-shirt doing each week’s challenge on Facebook or Instagram, OR
2. Email your photo to your Camp Director

If you complete the week’s challenge by end of day Thursday, campers earn a special “Plus Card” on Friday.

Take a look at some of the great pictures taken in Summer 2019 on our Facebook Page showing the EDMO® Vibe in action! Check back with us in April for our Summer 2020 challenges!

Dress crazy, it's theme day.

Every Thursday in the summer, campers show their camp spirit by getting a little extra “dressed up”! Theme Day could be PJs, Duct Tape, Make Believe or Sparkle Party Day. Start digging through your box of old costumes and get ready for Summer 2020!

Give Snaps

Starting on day one at camp, our campers learn to show gratitude towards others by giving SNAPS. SNAPS are a distinctive action and sound pattern that direct positive energy toward someone being recognized for a kind act: “Pat-Pat-Clap-Clap-Snap-Snap-YEEAAAH!” (Two pats, two claps, two snaps, wiggly fingers sending the energy on its way.) It’s impossible not to smile when you get SNAPS. Just ask the community members featured in our vault of ol’ EDMO Blog videos.

“When my daughter came home after the 1st day of camp, she put on her camp shirt, picked up her Guinea pig and asked me to take a photo for the t-shirt contest. The next day, she was all smiles when telling me how the counselors celebrated kids who completed the challenge. ”
– 4th Grade Los Altos Parent