Have you heard the sound of “Pat-Pat-Clap-Clap-Snap-Snap-YEEAAAH!” in your house? Then you’ve heard the sound of SNAPS! Two pats on the legs, two claps of the hands, two snaps of the fingers, then double point and let out a “Yeeeeahhhh”.  Suddenly a surge of positive energy is transmitted from one person to another!

SNAPS were brought to Edmo by a rock star Camp Director, Melanie Mitchell, back in 2007.  It was her way of having campers recognize someone for doing something that exemplified “The Edmo Vibe”. When a camper showed courage by a doing a dance in front of the camp…they got SNAPS.  If a counselor came up with a great skit…they got SNAPS.  If the EdTech kids made a cool video project for the camp…they got SNAPS.  At the end of the day, campers would sit around in a circle to recount nice things that another camper or staff member did for them, and of course…give them SNAPS.

SNAPS has now become the favorite way of teaching and expressing gratitude at all our camps.  We hope they’ve spread to your home and your community too!

Check out some videos and pics of staff and kids giving SNAPS:

Videos of Edmo staff giving SNAPS to people working on a Sunday…

Home Office staff singing a song with a SNAPS finale to our camp staff on Summer Learning Day…