Note: We will be modifying this game for our 2020-21 online school year offerings as well.

In our online EDMO, ® Live! Half and Full Day Camps, we encourage and recognize campers who demonstrate each of the characteristics of the EDMO Recipe™ both at camp and home. Campers earn “Recipe Points” when they show Responsibility, Empathy, Collaboration, Initiative, Problem Solving and Emotion Management – SEL skills that are all a part of The EDMO Method® we incorporate into all our EDMO programs and activities.

What Kids Can Choose Points Needed

Zoom name for a day
Decide on a fun nickname that campers and staff can call you!


A “Banana Bonzo”
Pick a silly action for all of the other campers and staff to do at a rally.


A rally game to play
Have a favorite game? Everyone at camp can play.


Their Instructor’s SnapCam costume
Should it be silly or serious? You decide how they should dress up.


Who Gets a Pie
You get to choose which staff member gets pied on Pie-day Friday!


An EDMO Collectible T-Shirt
Just tell us the size and we’ll give you a cool new EDMO shirt to wear.


EDMO Swag Box
You won’t know what’s in it till you get it but we can guarantee you’ll be EDMO-ized.


FREE EDMO Live! Coach Session
Which instructor or activity will you choose?


“EDMO® is amazing! Our son’s first camp experience couldn’t have been any better! He has been singing the songs, enthusiastically telling us about the counselors, his new friends, the facts that he’s learned, and all the fun he’s having! He’s just simply happy…Seeing his enthusiasm brings me so much happiness! As a parent it’s the little things that really make big difference. I definitely felt the EDMO Vibe!”
– Julie H, 1st Grade San Francisco Parent