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Workshops open to all educators!

Fee: $35 (Financial Aid Available, see event details)

Engaging Students in Online Learning

In this workshop, you will learn tips and strategies for engaging students online while participating in minds-on discussions and strategizing your plan for implementation.

Workshop Schedule (Click event date to register):
Event: Wednesday, Oct 21 10am PDT

Event: Wednesday, Oct 21 4pm PDT

Integrating Social Emotional Learning Online

In this workshop, you will learn how to weave SEL skill building seamlessly into your day, regardless of what age, grade or subject you teach.

Workshop Schedule (Click event date to register):
Event: Wednesday, Nov 4th 10am PDT

Event: Wednesday, Nov 4th 4pm PDT

Mindful Makers 

In this workshop, you will learn how infusing opportunities for children to develop a “maker mindset” in your everyday teaching, (online or in-person) can support the development of their critical thinking skills.

Workshop Schedule (Click event date to register):
Event: Wednesday, Dec 2nd 10am PDT

Event: Wednesday, Dec 2nd 4pm PDT

EDMO® Clubs (Pre-K–8th Grade)

EDMO® Clubs are a plug-and-play way to help your families fill asynchronous learning time. All of our live, online and interactive programs integrate STEAM and Social-Emotional Learning skills in a fun and engaging way.

Each EDMO Club meets in a secure Zoom classroom for five days with the same instructor and the same kids, to build friendships and a comforting routine. Parents can choose from Weeklong Clubs that meet Monday through Friday for one week or Once-a-Week Clubs that meet weekly for five consecutive weeks. Students get to know kids from across the state and around the country. Our Honor System Pricing model provides instant financial aid of 50% or 80% off. 

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EDMO® Custom Clubs (Pre-K–8th Grade)

Each Custom Club is led in a secure Zoom classroom that is designed specifically for your school, district or organization. Custom Clubs are only open to your students or program participants and are built around your calendar and budget. You decide if you want to offer the program for free, at a partially subsidized cost to families or at full price to families.

We provide you with an EDMO Program Manager to help with planning, implementation, attendance tracking and ongoing customer support. Club themes are tailored to your goals and the families you serve. We can provide bilingual staff as well as technology curriculum designed for PCs and Macs or Chromebooks and smartphones. 

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EDMO® Afterschool Program

EDMO offers a comprehensive afterschool program. Rather than coordinating a variety of vendors, EDMO can be your one-stop shop for everything from homework help, music, dance, to science, crafts and more. Schools can customize every element including the time, registration system and offerings. 

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EDMO® Extra Credit Program

This option is designed for Title 1 schools and nonprofit organizations who want to remove financial barriers for their students to access EDMO Clubs, but do not have the budget for a fully Custom Club option. Individual schools or organizations can use their funding to purchase EDMO credits so that students access our public EDMO Club programs for FREE. 

So where does the “Extra Credit” come in? EDMO doubles the number of credits a school purchases. For example, if a district purchases $10,000 worth of credits, we distribute $20,000 worth of credits to the students.  

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EDMO® Educator Professional Development

We’ve trained over 300 instructors and credentialed teachers on how to lead live, hands-on, interactive online lessons. These workshops are perfect for any educator looking for professional development. In order to create equity for teachers who may be experiencing financial hardship, we offer Honor System Pricing to provide instant financial aid for these workshops. 

Are you a school, district or organization that wants to remove financial barriers for your educators to access our workshops? You can use your federal, state, grant or budgeted money to customize workshops to meet your needs.

Examples of Workshop Topics:

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EDMO® Virtual Field Trips

Our 17 years of experience bringing hands-on programs into classrooms is moving online with our new Virtual Field Trips. These fully customizable programs engage your students in an interactive lesson with an EDMO instructor who brings learning alive with STEAM options to fit all grades. From Oobleck to Coding to Music and more, EDMO can do it all!

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