Save The Planet With New Small Change App

Save the Planet by Learning!

Why Us?

At Camp EDMO® we want to save the planet. It’s obvious when you take a look at what we do. For starters, our maker-infused STEAM & SEL programs are based on three main thematic areas: science, technology and nature. To wrap it up, we view all three of those through the lens of sustainability.

When we design our curriculum, we focus on making the world a healthier and happier place by working with all three disciplines together. That follows when we train our Instructors, Counselors and Camp Directors: we concentrate our own energy on interconnectedness. Both with each other and with the natural world. That, in turn, centers our staff and campers around these same ideas.

We also try to partner with organizations who share similar values. Like the California Academy of Sciences, whose mission is to explore, explain and protect the natural world. Another example is U.C. Berkeley’s  Greater Good Science Center, which provides science-based ideas for promoting the social and emotional well-being of students, teachers and administrators, as well as methods for creating positive school cultures. These are just a couple of the organizations we collaborate with.

How do we Save the Planet?

All of these things are why we are so excited about Your Plan, Your Planet. It’s a surprisingly fun, ingeniously interactive new tool developed by Google and the California Academy of Sciences. Want to learn something about recycling you probably didn’t already know? You can do it here! Want to really understand the Circular Economy? That’s here, too. Want to do all of this in a way your children can enjoy and understand? Yes!

Take a few minutes to check out Your Plan, Your Planet. It’s a fun game. It’s educational. It teaches us how to save the planet in small steps even the youngest EDMO® Jr. camper can manage. Plus, there’s a pink refrigerator, fish in the shower and a waving teddy bear. What’s not to love?