Samantha Wilcox: Great Beginnings for Success!

Samantha Wilcox with Science Hair

Samantha Wilcox is our new San Francisco Region Manager! She has been working at the Camp EDMO™ San Francisco – Marina location every summer since high school, for five years in all. She started out as a Counselor, moved up to Instructor, then Camp Director and finally San Francisco Region Manager this year. In each job Sam has enjoyed letting her creativity shine. She loves watching the kids laugh at goofy things she does and seeing them smile at her jokes.

Camp as a Kid

In her own childhood, Sam would return to her hometown of San Francisco from Europe each summer for camp. “It was like all the good parts of school without the bad parts,” she says. “My brother and I would beg my mother to let us go…I have really fond memories of summer camp, which is why I’m so excited about working for one!”

Camp at College

Sam became good friends with other counselors during her first season at Camp EDMO™. After that she enjoyed returning to see them and the camp families she grew to love each summer. Working at camp was also “super helpful in preparing to be a Resident Advisor,” Sam says. “If you can handle Kindergarteners then you can handle college freshmen!”

At the University of Wisconsin at Madison, Sam worked as an RA in a dorm with 80 freshmen for her last two years of college. Then last spring she graduated with a double major in journalism and communications, and left her freshmen behind. Not long after that, she was offered her new job as San Francisco Region Manager while still working as Camp Director.

Camp for Life

How’d she do it? “Never be afraid to ask how you can keep moving up,” she recommends, while settling into her new desk at the Camp EDMO™ home office. “Asking to learn new things and looking forward to your future is something that is appreciated by bosses, and helps you so much!”