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Energy Engineers

Power up for our study of renewable energy and electricity and the ways we get from here to there. In our Energy Engineers program, students will explore modes of transportation and how we use the energy of our world to make them go. By discovering all the ways we use energy today to power our cars, trucks and planes,  students will look to the future and design and build new ways to get around town that use more and more sources of renewable energy.

Concept/Standards: Energy

Sample Projects

Solar Car

Students will use a variety of materials including motors, wires, gears, and photovoltaic solar cells to design, build and test a working prototype of a solar car. Students will learn all about the conversion of light energy from the sun into electrical energy that can power a motor to drive a car. Students will also learn about the efficiency photovoltaic solar panels and how to measure what is needed to power your load.


Students will be making a futuristic model of a hovercraft that will seem to float just off the ground.
Through this process, they’ll learn how the power of wind can be used to drive fan-like boosters that allow the hovercraft to launch and hover. Students will also learn how the reduction of friction helps a hovercraft to glide.

Rubber Band Helicopter

Using a crankshaft motor, a battery and various other materials, students will construct a robotic helicopter that harnesses a current of electricity to make it go. Students will learn about simple electrical circuits and how these circuits conduct a flow of electricity. They’ll also discover how batteries contain stored electrical energy and how that energy is used in an electrical circuit.

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  • Grade(s): 2nd-4th
  • Date(s): Wednesday, January 31-Wednesday, May 02, 2018
  • Time: 1:50pm-3:00pm
  • Price: $240/child
  • Seats: 15
  • Site: Sherman Elementary
  • Location(s): Bay Area, San Francisco
  • Season: Winter 2018
  • Length: 12 weeks
  • Duration: 1 hour