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  • Critterville

Prepare for launch in 3… 2… 1… Blast off with us this summer by joining the EDMO® Space Squad! Squad members will work in collaborative teams to develop, design and build a plan to get to and live on the planet of Mars. The will learn what makes up our solar system and the galaxy surrounding us. Campers will design rockets, build space tools and create liveable shelters. They’ll also find out how rocket scientists, space engineers and astronauts are planning for the possible colonization of Mars. Join the ranks of these creative problem solvers and come along for an epic journey to Mars and beyond by joining the EDMO® Space Squad!

21st Century & SEL Skill Focus: Collaboration, Initiative, Problem Solving, Empathy, Critical thinking, Creativity

What things you may want from Home: Camp EDMO® will provide everything you need to actively participate in this theme!

Please Note: Daily schedules may vary slightly based on group or location.

Transportation of the future is here! Campers will learn the science behind some of our current transportation methods such as flying, driving and train travel. Campers will also learn about some futuristic ways of getting from here to there, such as magnetic levitation, pneumatics and rocketry. Come along for an exciting week of current and futuristic modes of transportation.

21st Century & SEL Skill Focus: Responsibility, Collaboration, Problem Solving, Emotion Management, 

What things you may want from Home: Any recyclable materials such as cardboard, plastic or paper. Campers may also want to bring in other materials to help them with their projects.

Please Note: Daily schedules may vary slightly based on group/location.

This week, our Critterville campers will be learning all about creatures in their park. Through nature walks, observation, storytelling and craft, campers will burrow into animals, their habitats, eating habits, and life cycles. The whole week culminates with an Ambassador Animal Design Challenge where campers will put it all together to help a favorite animal in the park. This week is going to be a blast and campers will come home with skills to practice in your own backyard or local park!

21st Century & SEL Skill Focus: Empathy, Collaboration, Responsibility, Problem Solving.

Please Note: Daily schedules may vary slightly based on group/location.