Summer & Break Camp Program Resources

  • YouTube Star

  • Sound Engineers

  • Sensory Scientists

Take your first steps towards cyber stardom! In YouTube Star, campers will learn about and practice the entire process of developing and maintaining a YouTube channel. Working in pairs, campers will first get to decide on the subject, format and style of their channel. Campers will then record both real-world and screen-captured footage, edit their videos to add music and special effects, and finally upload their creations to YouTube. Be a star and learn how to create awesome videos and share your passions!

Tune in to the world of audio engineering! Campers will learn about the science of sound and music as they design and build DIY drums, rubber band-jos, harmonikazoos and more!

Activate your sense in the exciting world of making & experiments! Campers learn about the world around them as they design and make kinetic sand, electromagnetic slime and create all kinds of other experiences to light up their brains!