After School Program Resources

  • YouTube Star

  • Bug’n Out

  • Sound Engineers

  • Sensory Scientists

  • Anatomy Academy

  • Space Explorers

  • Minecraft: Redstone

  • Cooking with Chemistry

  • Game Design Lab

  • Toymania

Take your first steps towards cyber stardom! In YouTube Star, campers will learn about and practice the entire process of developing and maintaining a YouTube channel. Working in pairs, campers will first get to decide on the subject, format and style of their channel. Campers will then record both real-world and screen-captured footage, edit their videos to add music and special effects, and finally upload their creations to YouTube. Be a star and learn how to create awesome videos and share your passions!

Explore small creatures with a BIG environmental impact! In our Bug’n Out program, students will go on local field expeditions and search for bugs, collect specimens and post photographs to iNaturalist—a citizen science project and online social network for nature research. Working with scientists and students from around the world, students will identify arthropod species and document habitat conditions that influence our planet’s health.

Tune in to the world of audio engineering! Campers will learn about the science of sound and music as they design and build DIY drums, rubber band-jos, harmonikazoos and more!

Activate your sense in the exciting world of making & experiments! Campers learn about the world around them as they design and make kinetic sand, electromagnetic slime and create all kinds of other experiences to light up their brains!

What’s going on in there?! Students learn all about the systems of the human body and what makes us work. With demonstrations, specimens and experiments, students will see how different systems work together to keep us healthy. Students will record observations and discoveries in their personal “Body Books” to share with family and friends!

Blast off with EDMO and explore our amazing universe! Students will complete introductory maker activities that investigate the beauty of our solar system and experiment with the principles of flight. Imagination and design skills will be in full force as we re-purpose household materials to create rockets, unique planets and our very own UFOs.

Explore Minecraft’s mechanical and digital marvels and learn the fundamentals of computer engineering! In Minecraft, “redstone” refers to a set of game items and blocks that simulate electrical currents and components, allowing the player to create complex, automated mechanisms. Students will learn all about redstone, from basic “circuitry” to the core concepts of computer engineering, like logical gates and binary.

Turn down the heat and get ready to create edible molecular masterpieces using the power of chemistry. In Cooking with Chemistry, students will investigate the physical and chemical transformations of ingredients that occur during cooking. Through the making of molecular gastronomic recipes such as oil powders, foams, fluid gels, and infusions, students will learn how different substances and chemicals added at the right time during the cooking process can change the molecular structure of solids and liquids, transforming them into completely new and interesting (and edible!) treats.

Design, code, and perfect your very own video game! Students in the Game Design Lab will plan and develop a video game, including the code used to define the rules and mechanics of the game, as well as the artwork for their game’s characters, objects, and environments.

Welcome to the EDMO Toy and Game Maker Factory! Campers will use design thinking and the engineering design process to build and test the latest and greatest new toy or game idea! Our older campers will design and make a toy and present at the EDMO Maker Faire while our younger campers will focus on making their very own game that can be played by other campers at our Unplugged Gaming Convention! The possibilities for games are endless! Board, dice and role playing games will all be included as campers discover the fun of unplugged games. Campers will learn all about the science of toys and toy design, game mechanics and even some game design theory!

21st Century & SEL Skill Focus: Responsibility, Empathy, Collaboration, Initiative, Problem Solving

What things you may want from Home: Any materials campers may want to help them make their toy or game.

Please Note: Daily schedules may vary slightly based on group/location.