The EDMO Vibe Game™

Why We Play
The most valuable lessons kids learn at camp are not just about art, science, coding, film, or technology. It’s what they learn about themselves in the process. We’ve designed a 21st Century life skills game, The EDMO Vibe Game™ to reinforce and measure the intangible skills campers develop each day. Because our campers are different ages, we’ve given the Pro version of our game a fresh face with its own set of skills and rewards that more mature 5th – 8th grade EDMO Pro campers will respond to, and enjoy!

How to Play
When EDMO Jr (Pre-K – K) or EDMO Prime (1st – 2nd grade) and EDMO Max campers (3rd – 4th grade) do special actions that display Social Emotional Learning skills such as  Empathy, Responsibility or Emotion Management or characteristics of “The EDMO Vibe” of Curiosity, Courage and Kindness, our staff recognizes their individual efforts with an EDMO Vibe Card. There’s a special card for every type of action. We take this a step farther in the EDMO Pro Vibe Game (5th – 8th grade), where campers set goals as a group, developing more advanced SEL skills like collaboration, initiative or problem solving. In both games, the more rewards they collect, the more levels they move up in the game. That’s why we say, “The way you play, is the way you live.”

Take a look at the two versions of the EDMO Vibe game™ that all EDMO™ campers play at camp.

As our EDMO Jr., Prime and Max campers earn cards, they move up from Forest Mo to Space Mo on a giant game board at camp that recognizes the level of each camper. The board helps kids focus on the meaning behind each card and helps campers support one another in their movement upwards. Read about how to earn each Vibe Card below.







Earn a BUDDY CARD by making new friends at camp. Tell your counselor 2 facts you learned about your new friend PLUS 1 game/activity you played together. Example facts: If you could be any food what would you be? Where do you go to school? Do you have a pet? What’s your favorite game? How many brothers and sisters do you have?

Who awards the Buddy Card: Counselors

Earn a SMILE CARD by doing acts of kindness towards others. Help your Counselor clean up, help another camper with a project, show good sportsmanship during recreation games, share a snack, make an arts & crafts project to give to someone else, cheer someone up when they’re down, and always try to put a smile on people’s faces!

Who awards the Smile Card: Counselors

Earn a STUMP CARD by asking an Instructor or Camp Director a trivia question. Find a fun fact or trivia question that relates to the weekly theme, but is NOT something covered during your Science, Maker or Tech station. If you can stump the Instructor or Camp Director, you earn this card!

Who awards the Stump Card: Instructors or Camp Directors

Earn a BANANA CARD by being courageously you! Get extra dressed up for Thursday Theme days, show off a special talent or hobby, get really silly during camp rallies, invent a new EDMO song or skit, and let your unique spirit shine all summer long!

Who awards the Banana Card: Counselors, Instructors or Camp Directors

Earn a WILD CARD by being a great naturalist! Naturalists love learning about nature and caring for it. Teach your counselor something about a local plant or animal, clean up litter or do something good for the environment!

Who awards the Wild Card: Counselors, Instructors or Camp Directors

Earn a PLUS CARD by rocking the Vibe at home! To earn this card you must:

  1. Teach someone at home something you learned at camp OR
  2. Do something extra helpful for your community or family OR
  3. Complete the “T-Shirt Challenge of the Week”. T-shirt challenges are designed to help campers rock the Vibe at home! Complete the week’s challenge by end of day Thursday.

Note: A parent must write or sign a note describing #1 or #2 to earn this card.

Who awards the Plus Card: Instructors or Camp Directors

Our EDMO Pro campers complete team challenges that contribute to their own development and the camp community. For each challenge completed, they earn a piece of a character they’ll build as a team at camp. They also earn a special button each week which allows them to earn rewards as they move up levels in the game.

“My son was so excited when he got to carry the camp Gibbon monkey the first afternoon after the counselors noticed him cleaning up after other campers without being asked to. He was beaming with joy and pride at the special recognition and couldn't wait to call his dad who was working in Tokyo at the time and tell him all about his special day! This is his first year at camp and what a great start to help him feel at ease in a new environment.”
– - Cat D., Kindergarten, Alameda Parent