Show off your camp spirit!  

There are lots of ways to show off your spirit at camp. Take a look at two of our favorites and rock the vibe at camp!

Weekly Camp Spirit

Take the t-shirt challenge.

Earn a “Plus Card” in our EDMO Vibe Game by completing the T-Shirt Challenge of the Week. T-shirt challenges are designed to help campers rock the EDMO Vibe at home! If you complete the week’s challenge by end of day Thursday, campers earn a special “Plus Card” on Friday at camp.

Take a look at some of the great pictures taken in Summer 2016 on our Facebook Page showing the EDMO Vibe in action! 

Summer 2017 Weekly T-Shirt Challenges

Camp Week Post a Photo of you in your camp t-shirt...
6/5/2017 ...demonstrating something that makes you unique
6/12/2017 ...doing an activity you found on EDMO at Home
6/19/2017 ...working collaboratively together with someone (friend or family) to accomplish or create something
6/26/2017 ...finding an ingenious way to repurpose or reuse something
7/3/2017 ......doing something creative to celebrate July 4th
7/10/2017 ...holding up a sign with your favorite EDMO staff member (and tell us why!)
7/17/2017 ...doing something good for the environment
7/24/2017 ......turning the letters in the EDMO logo into something else
7/31/2017 ...doing something kind for a member of your family or someone in your community
8/7/2017 ...enjoying nature
8/14/2017 ...spelling EDMO with found objects
8/21/2017 ...reading your favorite story to a friend; real or imaginary
Weekly Camp Spirit

Dress crazy, it's theme day.

Every Thursday in the summer, campers show their camp spirit by getting a little extra “dressed up”! Theme Day could be PJs, Duct Tape, Make Believe or Sparkle Party Day. Start digging through your box of old costumes!

Summer 2017 Weekly Theme Days

Camp Week Thursday Theme
6/5/2017 Pajama
6/12/2017 Summer Halloween
6/19/2017 Rainbow
6/26/2017 DIY Hat
7/3/2017 Video Game/Story Character
7/10/2017 Rock your own Vibe
7/17/2017 DIY Duct Tape
7/24/2017 Bay Area Sport Team
7/31/2017 School Spirit
8/7/2017 Neon
8/14/2017 Animal Print
8/21/2017 Spots & Stripes