Ready For Summer Camp?

It’s officially mid-May, hooray! Camp EDMO’s™ earliest locations start camp on Monday, June 3, are you ready? Here are a few tips and suggestions to get you on your way.

  1. There are always forms that need to be turned in on or before the first day of camp. For all EDMO® campers,  those are the Health History, Alternate Contacts and Pick Up Authorization forms. It’s advisable to complete your health forms when you enroll for camp. If for some reason you are unable to, however, please be aware that we must have them completed by June 1st, 2019. Login to your account from here or visit our Parent Home to access these forms.
  2. If your child is part of a Special Day Class or requires an aide at school, please also have an aide with your child at camp. Please fill out and submit the Aide Form (located under Parent Home on our website) and also notify the Camp Director at your location prior to the week your child is attending camp. If you do not have access to an aide for your child, a Regional Center of California could be a good place to find the services your child requires. If you are struggling to find accommodations, we are more than happy to help.
  3. If your child has a food allergy, please fill out and bring to camp the Food Allergy & Anaphylaxis Plan (FAAP) form (located under Parent Home on our website) on the first day camp, along with any medication they may need.
  4. You’ll want to have your camp location address, hours and contact info for your Camp Director on hand before the first day. We email this information out mid-May, in your location’s welcome packet, which is also available from our Parent Home webpage.
  5. Make sure your kids have all the necessary bits and baubles they’ll need to stay healthy and happy at camp. Here’s what we recommend for our campers:
    1. Nut Free Lunch & Snacks. Log into your account via Parent Home on our website or call the Home Office to add lunch to your enrollment. Lunch must be ordered by the Wednesday prior to the week your child is starting camp. If you did not order lunch with AM snack, you will need to pack both for your child. If your child is staying for our PM program, we recommend packing an additional snack. Please do not bring any products that contain nuts.
    2. Sunscreen, Hat and Eco-Friendly Water Bottle. Include drinking water!
    3. Change of Clothes. This is especially for younger ones – you know why.
    4. Closed-Toed Shoes. Children must wear tennis shoes or secure, closed-toed sandals to camp to reduce the risk of injury to toes. Crocs or similarly styled shoes are okay as long as they are secure and easy to run in.
    5. Layers. We strongly suggest dressing in layers. Morning can be cool and your child may be outdoors early in the day. Please be sure to clearly label any clothing with your child’s name.
    6. Backpack. For programs that include field trips, please bring a light weight outdoor backpack.
    7. Maker Bank. Have any unwanted recycling around the house? Feel free to bring any cleaned plastic containers, empty ribbon spools, and more camp-safe items to camp to deposit in our “bank”!
  6. Once all that is out of the way, it’s time for the fun part! Get your kids enthusiastic about by camp by talking up what they’ll be doing and how great their location, instructors, theme and specialized camp programs will be. You can find out about your Camp Director and location on our Locations & Pricing page, read up on each camp session theme on our Summer Programs page, familiarize yourself with your week’s T-shirt Challenges and Theme Days on our Spirit Page and learn how to help your kid play the EDMO Vibe Game™. We’ve even got a recent blog post on Books About Summer Camp and EDMO® at Home to help you find fun things to do at home related to your kids’ camp.