Rachel Shensa: Our New Recruiting and Hiring Manager
Rachel Shensa
Rachel Shensa is now our Recruiting and Hiring Manager. She recently took on this role, and some of you may already know her as our North Bay Region Manager. From now on Rachel will be the one contacting you for interviews and beyond whenever you apply for jobs at Camp EDMO™, from Camp Counselor to Home Office staff.

Camp as a Kid

Rachel herself was once a Camp Counselor, too. Rachel attended a day camp in her hometown of Yonkers, New York, for many years as a camper, then Counselor In Training and finally Counselor. “I LOVED that camp and all the friends I would have summer after summer,” Rachel says, “until I left for California and school.”

Early Career

After graduating from the University of California at Santa Barbara, Rachel worked as a teacher for a while, then continued on to graduate school to study advertising. After that she worked in consumer marketing for six years, where she facilitated and ran focus groups to “take the voice of the consumer and bring it to the clients.”
Eventually she decided to transition into an HR role where she could manage people, train them and help them become good at their jobs. While looking for a new position, she applied for the Camp EDMO™ Corte Madera Camp Director on a whim, even though she was looking for long term, full time employment.

Camp EDMO™

“I fell in love with EDMO™,” Rachel says, “and our mission! In this time of backwards thinking, I want to do something to help shape the generation of the future to be good humans!” EDMO™ was such a perfect fit that after her first summer Rachel was promoted to North Bay Region Manager and now has added Recruiting & Hiring Manager to her title.
Does she have any advice to help shape job applicants who want to be as successful as she is? “Don’t be afraid to share your ideas even if you are new to the company. EDMO™ is a place where fresh ideas are welcome and encouraged. We are constantly learning new things and really appreciate different perspectives!”