Roblox Space Academy

Grades: 1-2

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Blast off for an all new interstellar “Edventure” in Roblox! In Roblox Space Academy, campers will take on the role of extraterrestrial explorers, completing space-themed mini-games and challenges in Roblox. They will tackle astronaut training courses, pilot a spaceship to distant planets, explore low-gravity moonscapes, navigate asteroid fields, and more. As campers complete these challenges, they’ll be practicing core computer skills like mouse manipulation, keyboard shortcuts, menu navigation, and 3D spatial reasoning.

21st Century & SEL Skill Focus: Problem Solving, Creativity, Collaboration, Emotion Management, Computer Literacy. Learn more about other skills we build through The EDMO Method®.

Sample Projects

Astronaut Training Camp

Astronaut Training Camp

Before taking to the stars, campers will need to make sure they’re prepared for the challenges of extraterrestrial exploration! Our Roblox astronaut training facility will allow campers to practice the basics of navigating and interacting with otherworldly environments.

Campers will learn the basic controls of Roblox; including moving, jumping, climbing, and interacting with objects. They will also practice simple mouse and keyboard manipulation.

Asteroid Defense

Asteroid Defense

A field of asteroids threatens our campers’ spaceship! Luckily campers will be able to take control of the ship’s laser defense system to deflect the asteroids and clear the way for their adventures.

With each asteroid marked with a letter or short word, campers must type in order for the asteroid to be deflected. This will help campers learn the placement of keys on the keyboard, paving the way for touch typing.