Minecraft: EDMOtopia
Grades: K-1, 2-4

Design and build your very own Minecraft community!  EDMOtopia is built on EDMO’s multiplayer Minecraft server, available only to EDMO campers.  In this game world, campers will be working together to plan and build their own “super-construction”, tackling challenges like creating blueprints, organizing roles, gathering supplies, plotting out construction zones, and managing time.  Each day campers will also be challenged with “mini-games”!

Every Tech Program also includes Team Building, Outdoor Recreation and Games, Camp Cheers, and more.

21st Century & SEL Skill Focus: Collaboration, Communication, Digital Citizenship, Creativity. Learn more about other skills we build through The EDMO Method.

Please note that campers work in pairs or teams and share computers. This allows for a more collaborative process, as well as more comprehensive and innovative projects. Plus, it’s more fun!

Sample Projects

Create a Town Hall

Create a Town Hall

Campers build a Town Hall, where all future decisions for the village will be discussed. Every member of the village will give creative input on the design.  Once a plan is settled on, the campers divide the work into smaller tasks and each camper is given a role so that everyone can be contributing to the construction at the same time.

Campers make use of some mathematics to ensure their construction is matching their blueprint. Campers practice 21st Century skills including communicating clearly, collaborating with others, managing goals and time, and thinking creatively. 

Feed the Village

Feed the Village

Campers decide which method of sourcing food, such as farming, fishing and foraging, are most efficient for their village.  They then build the tools and structures needed to produce and store enough food for everyone.

Campers practice dividing tasks and establishing roles in a group project. They’ll also work with some basic multiplication to estimate how much food their village requires.

“The EDMOtropolis Times”

“The EDMOtropolis Times”

Positioned on the border between the nations of EDMOtopia and PROtopia, the city of EDMOtropolis is the “common ground” for all people of the Minecraft world of Planet EDMO.  Campers write journalistic pieces (complete with “photos” taken in-game) and submit them to the city’s online news site, “The EDMOtropolis Times” for publication. Younger campers practice their writing skills with short journal prompts at the end of each day.

Campers build their writing skills, specifically in a non-fiction, journalistic style.

Meet the Writer

Joe Allington
Joe Allington

Joe is a programmer, designer, teacher, and gamer. He graduated from UC Santa Cruz majoring in Computer Game Design and spent three years working at an education technology startup in Santa Cruz. There, he designed and taught a range of high-tech kids camps and developed software and curriculum to help elementary and middle school teachers use the game of Minecraft as a teaching tool. Joe believes in the power of games in education and is excited to be working with EDMO to bring game-based learning to more students. In his spare time, Joe enjoys cooking, hiking, racquetball, watching movies, and (of course) playing video games.

Extend the Learning

In PM Extended Day (3:00-6:00PM): Campers will be able to continue working, playing and learning in EDMOtopia.  In addition to working on their group’s village, campers can explore EDMOtropolis, the capital of EDMOtopia.  There they’ll be able to meet with campers from all of our EDMO sites and join in activities like races, scavenger hunts, parkour courses, and more.

At Home: To continue playing Minecraft at home, campers can go to minecraft.net and purchase the game.  It is available for Windows, Mac and Linux.  (Please note, the “world file” that campers take home at the end of the week is not compatible with any mobile (Android, iOS) or console (Xbox, Playstation) version of Minecraft.)

More Good Things to Know

  • Sample Program Schedule
  • Camp Facts
  • In Every Program

Some kids thrive on routines and harmony. Others not so much. Good news! We’ve found the secret recipe that works for all EDMO campers!

Day/Time Click Each Activity Below to Learn More
8:00-9:00AM AM Program

During our EDMO AM Program, campers start the day listening to music, playing games and doing structured art projects. The AM Program allows campers time to engage and wake up for the day.

8:50-9:00AM Drop-Off

Be greeted by name or a high five by a professional staff member…dressed in a mermaid costume or a Viking hat. In a hurry? Pull up and we’ll open the door for you. In no rush? Park your car, come right in and shake your counselor’s fin.

9:00-9:30AM Morning Rally

Although we have a strict “No Nuts” food policy, we have also have a strict “Go Nuts” rally policy. You never know what surprises await when staff and kids take the stage for songs, skits, dress up days, and ridiculous contests.

9:30-10:30AM Game Time

Game Time is all about playing games and having some good ‘ol run-around time. During Game Time, campers will participate in organized recreation activities designed to promote teamwork, collaboration and fun physical activity.

10:30-10:50AM Snack

Active minds lead to hungry bellies! Don’t forget to pack a healthy snack for your camper every morning…with no nuts of course! Remember: If you ordered a delicious lunch, you automatically receive a healthy morning snack!

10:50-11:50AM Enrichment 1

During enrichment stations, campers really get into the weekly theme and curriculum. Campers are introduced to the weekly subject and concepts, learn new skills and facts, and design, create and build daily and weekly projects.

11:50AM-12:25PM Lunch

Add a delicious lunch each day. It’s a snap! Just click/check the lunch box on your enrollment form and a quality lunch will be delivered to camp daily. Rather pack your own lunch? Please just do not bring any products that contain: cashews, almonds, brazil nuts, pine nuts, walnuts or heaven forbid, the “‘Mother of All Nut Allergies”—the peanut.

12:30-1:30PM Enrichment 2

During enrichment stations, campers really get into the weekly theme and curriculum. Campers are introduced to the weekly subject and concepts, learn new skills and facts, and design, create and build daily and weekly projects.

1:35-2:35PM Team Time

In Team Time, we focus on team building and community. We get to know our teammates names, meet our Kimochis’ friends, create team names and cheers, and play the EDMO Vibe Game.

2:40-3:00PM Closing Rally

Our Afternoon rally ends the day in an upbeat way. This gives staff  a chance to wrap up the day, make announcements for the days to follow and give SNAPS!

3:00-3:15PM Pick-Up

Pull up or walk up, whichever you fancy. Either way we’ll make a point to let you know something special about your child’s day. Look out for our daily email from the Camp Director detailing the activities at your camp location, along with a reminder to visit EDMO At Home to see what to look forward to tomorrow and suggested activities, books, websites, museum exhibitions, and more ways to keep the curiosity going.

3:15-6:00PM PM Extended Day, PM Snack & Free Play

During our EDMO PM Program, campers are given time to have a snack and participate in some free play before the PM enrichment program begins. The PM program curriculum will follow the themes of each week in Tech and Science/Makers. See theme descriptions for specific PM theme. Parents are welcome to pick up any time between 3:15-6PM…but no later please! Our staff needs to get home too.

  • Camper Age(Please note: Spring Break Camp is only for EDMO campers; entering K-4th grade)
    • EDMO JR–Campers must be at least 4 years of age by June 1 to enroll in camp. We also ask that campers be fully potty trained and used to attending a full day program.
    • EDMOCampers are divided into entering K-1st graders and 2nd–4th graders, with each group’s activities based on their age level. The youngest campers must be at least 5 years of age by June 1 or entering Kindergarten in the fall.
    • EDMO PRO–Campers must be entering 5th grade through 8th grade in the fall. 
  • Ratios:  (Please note: there is no EDMO JR or PRO at our Spring Break camps)
    • EDMO & EDMO PRO–We maintain a camper:staff ratio of 8:1 during all instructional camp activities.
    • EDMO JR– We keep our camper:staff ratio to 6:1…especially when activities involve tying knots, cutting, gluing, or glitter…definitely glitter.
  • Groups: Campers are grouped with kids within 1-2 years of their own age. Groups can range from 10-25 kids.
  • Buddy & Bestie Requests: Let us know if you’d like your child to be grouped with specific friends. We’ll do our best to honor those requests. However sometimes circumstances like large age differences, “frenemy” behavior or camper:staff ratios preclude us from being able to group kids together. We’ll let you know if that happens.
  • All Camp Times: In case your kids are in different age groups, don’t worry, they’ll still see each other. Every day we make time to hang out with our staff, camp friends and siblings during camp rallies, morning and afternoon breaks, lunch time, and some parts of outdoor recreation.
  • Safety: CPR/First Aid certified staff members are present on-site at all times, including field trips. Background checks are performed on all staff.
  • Camp Drop Off & Pick Up: 
    • Arrive at Camp Late? Should you arrive after 9:10AM, please find a legal parking space, walk your child/children into camp and sign in with the Camp Director.
    • Want to Talk to a Staff Member? We’d love for you to come into camp? Please come early, find a legal parking space and look for the sign in table.
    • Picking Up Late? Please note if you are not enrolled in our PM Program, your account will be charged the “a la carte” rate of $15/hr for any portion of an hour.
  • Equipment: We use high-quality equipment and age-appropriate software to create digital works of art, sure to impress friends and family. Plus many of the skills kids build whelp unlock the hidden creative potential of your home computer! 
  • Computers: Please note that in some of our technology programs feature group projects that require sharing computers. This helps kids develop 21st Century Skills like collaboration and results in more innovative projects–plus, it’s a heck of a lot more fun!
  • Behavior: We’ll work with you to develop an Action Plan if your child is having a hard time adjusting to camp. Unfortunately, if he or she repeatedly detracts from the camp experience of kids and staff or compromises the safety of others, we may ask you to pick your child up from camp.
  • Special Needs: If your child requires an aide at school, we ask that you please provide an aide for them at camp, complete this form and notify the Camp Director at your location prior to the week your child is attending camp. If you do not have access to an aide for your child, a Regional Center of California could be a good place to find the services your child requires. If you are struggling to find accommodations, we are more than happy to assist you.
  • Modified Activities: On rare occasions we may need to modify weekly activities due to weather, material availability, time constraints, or the kid who spilled the entire jar of cabbage juice for the project.
  • Camper Projects: Once summer arrives, campers will be able to access the digital projects they create at camp via EDMO At Home. Projects will be available by the Monday following the week they were at camp. Details on how to access your camper’s projects, and any programs which will need to be purchased or downloaded in order to open them, will be outlined on our website and in your welcome packet prior to the beginning of camp. Prefer using a USB? Feel free to bring one from home.
  • Camp Satisfaction: If you are unsatisfied with your child’s camp experience, please contact your Camp Director. Camp Directors will respond to verbal or written parental concerns within 24 hours and schedule an Action Plan meeting to improve your camp experience. If you are unable to reach the Camp Director, you may contact the Home Office. In the case a situation is not resolved, please complete our Money Back Guarantee Form after camp begins.
  • Maker Sessions: Have any unwanted recycling around the house? Feel free to bring any plastic containers, cardboard, empty ribbon spools, and more camp-safe items to camp to deposit in your location’s “EDMO Maker Bank”!
  • Nature (Park) Program Specifics:
    Groups: Campers are divided into two groups, K-1st graders and 2nd–4th graders with each group’s activities based on their age level. Our 5th-8th grade EDMO PRO campers are grouped together. Groups for campers are generally 10-25 kids.
    Field Trips: Campers in 2nd-4th Grade go on off site Field Trips as part of our Nature (Park) program. There is also an off site field trip during one week of camp at our SF-Bernal/Portola camp location. For our off site Field Trips We have chartered buses to comfortably and safely transport campers who are attending field trips from one place to another around the Bay. Most field trips return to the park by 2:30PM. If there is a field trip you do not wish your child to attend, we may have space for them to stay with the younger group. We suggest you confirm this with the home office at 415.282.6673 or 877.993.6673 in advance.We also have an on site Field Trip with special Guest Presenters during select week(s) at our Rocklin-Sierra College camp location.
    Inclement Weather: Although some of our locations have protected areas in case it’s cold or wet outside, we usually advise parents to pack sweatshirts for their children so that they are prepared when the temperature is cool. There are also protected areas at each of the different field trip locations that our older campers will be visiting.
    Park Location Safety Gear: Every Pre-K-4th grade camper receives a distinctive orange bandana with their name on it in our Nature (Park) program. It is MANDATORY that campers wear their orange bandanas so they are easily visible the entire camp day.

Every Day

The Vibe Game

Throughout the day, campers get a chance to earn special “EDMO Vibe Cards” that recognize actions that exemplify The EDMO Vibe. Visit our EDMO Vibe Game page to learn more about how we build 21st Century Life Skills in campers.

Daily Download

Parents receive a daily email from their Camp Director with updates about their camp location and links to EDMO at Home for details about what their child is doing today and tomorrow, as well as resources for fostering more curiosity at home.

Healthy Lunch & Snack Option (Available at select locations during summer only)

Enjoy a break from making lunch. Our lunch providers deliver a hot or cold meal to camp. Visit your location page to learn more about the lunch and snacks available at your location.

Extended Day Program

Can’t drop off at 9:00AM or pick up at 3:00PM? No problem. We’ve got you covered from 8:00AM-6:00PM. Enroll in 2 or more camp weeks to get 40% Off our AM/PM Program. AM (8:00-9:00AM) and PM (3:00-6:00PM).

Monday – Friday

Marvelous Monday (Summer Only)

What could be more marvelous than starting a week at camp. Every Monday, parents receive a printed handout that includes a schedule for the week. Campers usually receive their camp t-shirt on Mondays as well.

EDMO JR parents (non-Park locations only), come to our Morning Greet and meet your child’s Camp Instructor and counselors! It’s time to mingle and meet staff, as well as see the campus and program classroom.

Tremendous Tuesday (and T-Shirt Challenge)

T-shirt challenges are designed to help campers rock the EDMO Vibe at home! If you complete the week’s challenge by end of day Thursday, campers earn a special “Plus Card” on Friday at camp. Check out the Resource Section to see a list of the summers T-Shirt Challenge themes!

K-1 parents (non-Park locations only), come to our Morning Greet and meet your child’s Camp Instructor and counselors! It’s time to mingle and meet staff, as well as see the campus and program classroom.

Wacky Wednesday

Kids love this special all-camp day. It could be Water Day, Color War Day or Game Day with scavenger hunts, capture the monkey and more! Our staff may know what’s in store but campers will just know it’s going to be filled with wacky fun! (NOTE: Our EDMO JR campers do not participate in Wacky Wednesday.)

2-4 parents (non-Park locations only), come to our Morning Greet and meet your child’s Camp Instructor and counselors! It’s time to mingle and meet staff, as well as see the campus and program classroom.

Thursday Dress Up Day

It’s not camp if you can’t dress a little weird…at least once a week! Each Thursday has a special dress up theme to get campers into the camp spirit and parents into that box of old Halloween costumes…one more time. 

EDMO PRO parents (non-Park locations only), come to our Morning Greet and meet your child’s Camp Instructor and counselors! It’s time to mingle and meet staff, as well as see the campus and program classroom.

Thursday is also the day that parents receive a link to our Parent Survey.

“My child loved the fact that he was learning all about the 'E' in 'STEM'. At school he has a STEM lab but he never really understood what Engineering was all about. I explained to him that in class he was learning Engineering skills. He learned about prototypes (first time I heard him use the word) and about trial and error which is what engineering is all about. ”
– Katrina M., 1st Grade, SF-Bernal/Portola Parent
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