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Put your entomology hat on and flutter into a week of Insects! Our Junior investigators will study critters that crawl, burrow and fly. Campers will collect, observe and make art to better understand insect life cycles, bug habitats and adaptations these bugs have made to live in their environments. Campers will take a close look into the life cycle of butterflies and cicadas and the kaleidoscope effect of insect eyes and some predatory insects like the wasp.

21st Century & SEL Skill Focus: Responsibility, Communication, Empathy, Collaboration. Learn more about other skills we build through The EDMO Method®.

Take a look at your camper's daily schedule below, under sample projects!

Sample Projects

Fly Eye Model

Fly Eye Model

Campers will create a model of a compound eye using straws and a cardboard tube. Campers will explore camp with their new insect vision!

Campers will learn about the compound eyes of insects, focusing on how the multiple units of a compound eye create a completely different view than that of human eyes.

Honey Bee Habitat

Honey Bee Habitat

Campers will use the classic game “Ball in a Cup” to demonstrate a bee habitat. They will show how bees collect pollen and nectar to create honey.

Campers will learn what a pollinator is, where bees live and how bees collect nectar to make their delicious food, honey.

Bubble Print Butterfly

Bubble Print Butterfly

Campers will create butterfly crafts that illustrate their vibrant colors by making their very own print. Campers will use bubbles, watercolor and paper to produce their art.

Campers will learn the stages of life of the butterfly and how they go through the process of metamorphosis to become vibrant winged fliers.

Sample Schedule

  • A Day in the Life...

Some kids thrive on routines and harmony. Others not so much. Good news! We’ve found the secret recipe that works for all EDMO campers!

Early Care - Stories and Playtime

Need to get to work early? We understand. By 8 am our staff is already hard at work helping our campers make new friends, doing arts & crafts projects and playing games.


Be greeted by name or a high five by a professional staff member…dressed in a mermaid costume or a Viking hat. In a hurry? Pull up and we’ll open the door for you. In no rush? Park your car, come right in and shake your counselor’s fin.

Morning Circle

Morning circles include an intro to the day’s curriculum, songs, stories, and Kimochis! The Kimochis are a social-emotional teaching tool that help young people understand their own emotions, communicate their needs with others and build empathy for other people.


EDMO Jr. campers’ morning break gives them a time to visit the bathroom, get some water and get the wiggles out before diving into their awesome projects for the day.

Enrichment 1

Our campers do their main learning of the day at our enrichment stations. They apply our morning discussions to hands-on learning and creating themed crafts.


Active minds lead to hungry bellies! Don’t forget to pack a healthy snack for your camper every morning…with no nuts of course! Remember: If you ordered a delicious lunch, you automatically receive a healthy morning snack!

Game Time

During this Early Childhood Education skill building time, we practice and reinforce skills that students will use in the classroom year round. We use games, songs and other activities to build knowledge of colors, numbers, shapes, language comprehension, emotional intelligence, and early literacy.


Lunch available at your location?  It’s a snap to add a delicious lunch each day! Just click/check the lunch box on your enrollment form and a quality lunch will be delivered to camp daily. Packing your own lunch? Please just do not bring any products that contain: cashews, almonds, brazil nuts, pine nuts, walnuts or heaven forbid, the “Mother of All Nut Allergies”—the peanut.

Story Time & Resting Quiet Time

Be sure to send your camper with a blanket and maybe their favorite quiet activity, like a book or puzzle. Just be sure to label any items and of course, no electronics please.

Enrichment 2

Our campers do their main learning of the day at our enrichment stations. They apply our morning discussions to hands-on learning and creating themed crafts.

Closing and Clean-up

EDMO Jr. campers will wrap up their day with songs, games or sharing as they transition to the end of the day.


Pull up or walk up, whichever you fancy. Either way we’ll make a point to let you know something special about your child’s day. Look out for our daily email from the Camp Director detailing the activities at your camp location, along with a reminder to visit EDMO At Home to see what to look forward to tomorrow and suggested activities, books, websites, museum exhibitions, and more ways to keep the curiosity going.

After Care, PM Snack & Free Play

Need a little more time in your day? Our After Care Program is a great option. Campers stay safe while parents or guardians finish up the work day or sneak in that last appointment before picking up the kids. While you’re away, campers can play as they enjoy a little more free time with each other and staff. After Care goes from 3 pm – 6 pm but parents can pick up whenever works for them…but no later than 6 pm please! Our staff needs to get home too.

“We absolutely loved Camp EDMO and all the staff! Very friendly and helpful. The whole program is run very well. We can't say enough great things. We will be back next year!”
– Courtney R., Kindergarten Rocklin - North Parent