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Grades: Pre-K

Express your creativity with Artopia! This week will cover a wide variety of artists and artistic techniques, from weaving to watercolors. Campers will build on their knowledge of simple shapes to create more complex figures, gain experience with color as a means of creating depth and interest, and expand their comprehension of visual expression.

21st Century & SEL Skill Focus: Initiative, Creativity, Communication. Learn more about other skills we build through The EDMO Method™.

Sample Projects

Glass Sculptures

Glass Sculptures

Campers will be creating Chihuly inspired sculptures; intricate pieces created by using clear overhead transparencies and coloring them to make hem into a bright and glass-like chandelier!

Campers will learn about matching colors and strengthen their fine motor skills as they manipulate the transparencies and put them together to make their sculptures.

Oil and Water Droplet Painting

Oil and Water Droplet Painting

Campers will be mixing watercolors and oil to create a painting with a marble effect.

Campers will learn why water does not mix with oil and also strengthen their dexterity as they paint.

Popsicle Stick Loom

Popsicle Stick Loom

Campers will create a loom out of popsicle sticks and explore weaving by hand as an alternative art form involving patterns and process-based creation.

Campers will learn how to apply patterns to their artwork, as they develop their fine motor skills.

Sample Schedule

  • A Day in the Life...

Some kids thrive on routines and harmony. Others not so much. Good news! We’ve found the secret recipe that works for all EDMO campers!

Day/Time Click Each Activity Below to Learn More
8:00-9:00AM AM Program - Stories and Playtime

Need to get to work early? We understand. By 8AM our staff is already hard at work helping our campers make new friends, do arts & crafts projects, play games, and plan special activities.

8:50-9:00AM Drop-Off

Be greeted by name or a high five by a professional staff member…dressed in a mermaid costume or a Viking hat. In a hurry? Pull up and we’ll open the door for you. In no rush? Park your car, come right in and shake your counselor’s fin.

9:00-9:40AM Morning Circle

Morning circles include an intro to the day’s curriculum, songs, stories, and Kimochis!  The Kimochis are a social-emotional teaching tool that help young people understand their own emotions, communicate their needs with others and build empathy for other people.

9:40-9:50AM Break

EDMO JR campers morning break gives them a time to visit the bathroom, get some water and get the wiggles out before diving into their awesome projects for the day.

9:50-10:40AM Enrichment 1

Our campers do their main learning of the day at our enrichment stations. They apply our morning discussions to hands-on learning and creating themed crafts.

10:40-11:00AM Snack

Active minds lead to hungry bellies! Don’t forget to pack a healthy snack for your camper every morning…with no nuts of course! Remember: If you ordered a delicious lunch, you automatically receive a healthy morning snack!

11:00-11:45AM Game Time

During this Early Childhood Education skill building time, we practice and reinforce skills that students will use in the classroom year round. We use games, songs and other activities to build knowledge of colors, numbers, shapes, language comprehension, emotional intelligence, and early literacy.

11:45AM-12:15PM Lunch

Add a delicious lunch each day. It’s a snap! Just click/check the lunch box on your enrollment form and a quality lunch will be delivered to camp daily. Rather pack your own lunch? Please just do not bring any products that contain: cashews, almonds, brazil nuts, pine nuts, walnuts or heaven forbid, the “‘Mother of All Nut Allergies”—the peanut.

12:15-1:00PM Story Time & Resting Quiet Time

After lunch and outdoor play, campers will have story time and get a chance to calm down, rest or take a nap. The lights are turned down, we play some quiet music and campers unwind before we start the next round of activities.

1:00-2:20PM Enrichment 2

Our campers do their main learning of the day at our enrichment stations. They apply our morning discussions to hands-on learning and creating themed crafts.

2:20-2:45PM Closing and Clean-up

EDMO JR campers will wrap up their day with songs, games or sharing as they transition to the end of the day.

2:45-3:00PM Pick-Up

Pull up or walk up, whichever you fancy. Either way we’ll make a point to let you know something special about your child’s day. Look out for our daily email from the Camp Director detailing the activities at your camp location, along with a reminder to visit EDMO At Home to see what to look forward to tomorrow and suggested activities, books, websites, museum exhibitions, and more ways to keep the curiosity going.

3:15-6:00PM PM Extended Day, PM Snack & Free Play

During our EDMO PM Program, campers are given time for snack and free play before continuing structured recreation and enrichment projects. Enrichment projects can follow the program theme of the week or include theatre, Lego engineering and Minecraft projects. Parents are welcome to pick up any time between 3:15-6:00PM…but no later please! Our staff needs to get home too.

“Thank you for helping us transition from an incredibly challenging Monday morning late drop off to all smiles at our first ever curb side drop off today on Wednesday! The support has been wonderful. I am so glad we chose EDMO JR as our very first Summer camp experience. ”
– Anne S., Pre-K, SF-Noe Valley/Twin Peaks Parent