Equity Takes Everyone

How can we create lasting systemic change? Partnerships. It’s the only way. Our sustainable equity education model relies on allies who share our values and want to help bring more equity into the world. We welcome your time, talents, experience, financial and emotional support. We’ve got a lot of work to do.


It all starts and ends with you. As a parent, when you choose EDMO®, you choose equity. We don’t tell you a price. Our Honor System Pricing models entrust you with that decision. We don’t help people, you help people. You have the power. All we do is create a space for you to lead with your values. If you believe your child and all children deserve a high-quality education, then we stand with you. Thank you for being our partner in equity.

School Districts

Whether you’re a huge metropolitan district or a small rural community, our online, interactive STEAM & SEL-focused programs can be adapted to your budget and community needs. Simply send out a link to our website to give families instant access to an equitable, online learning program. If you want to offer your teachers a distance learning professional development workshop or offer free, asynchronous online learning programs for students, visit our School District partner page.

Current District Partners:

Sonoma County Office of Education (California)

Oakland Unified School District (California)

Alameda Unified School District (California)

Berkeley Unified School District (California)

Livermore Unified School District (California)

More coming soon…


Foundation support is the key to make our equity model sustainable.  Our Honor System Pricing model is based on trust and human dignity. Foundation support helps cover the cost of families who need to use Honor Codes for instant financial aid. Foundations can also partner with school districts to fund our programs or fund us directly to build our capacity to serve.

Current Foundation Partners:

Rogers Family Foundation

Wells Fargo Foundation

SF Department of Children, Youth & Their Families

Ella Fitzgerald Foundation



Camp EDMO Specialty After School ProgramsThanks to the support of corporations that share our values, we’ve been able to lower the cost of doing business and spread the word about the impact we’re trying to make in the world. If you are interested in exploring a partnership to support our equity in education cause, please email partnerships@campedmo.org.

Non-Profit Organizations

We’re so much stronger together. First of all, we’re happy to share everything we’ve learned about online learning, summer camps, after school, STEAM, SEL and equity design with any mission-aligned organization. Likewise, we’re a work in progress. We need help learning from you. Let’s find ways we can support each other’s kids and staff at this time.


Dear Media,

We need your help. First off, we’ve had enough bad news. Secondly, we’re terrible self-promoters. Please help us tell our story of resilience, passion, ingenuity, sacrifice and courage. Help us tell our story of a new business model based on human dignity, trust and collaboration. Help us show companies what can be done when you completely align your values, actions and words. Help us to inspire others to lean into their values at this time. As COVID-19 crushes another industry, one small non-profit camp made it their mission to bring the magic of summer to any kid, in any state, on any continent. Can we please get that story out there?

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“I am glad there is a place for all children from different income levels to go to in order to grow mentally and educationally.”
– Kristina N., 6th Grade Oakland Parent