Parents Want SEL!

Confident, Curious & Kind!Parents in 2019 are getting choosey about what they want for their kids, both in and out of school. A recent survey conducted by Peachjar, a cloud-based communication platform that distributes school and community information to more than 10 million parents in 40 states, shows they are looking for more and better options for their kids’ after school enrichment.

Parents surveyed seemed most interested in programs that are a good value. They asked for great customer service, convenient locations and detailed information, along with improvements in children’s confidence, self-discipline, patience, leadership and respect. That’s Social Emotional Learning (SEL) in a nutshell! It’s nice to hear that a concept developed nearly half a century ago is finally getting it’s due.

SEL is actually based on an even more ancient idea, that education should be not only academic and include physical activity but also build citizenship. It is grounded in concepts first recorded by the ancient Greeks. SEL is sometimes referred to as “soft skills,” however, that couldn’t be further from the truth. There’s nothing soft about teaching SEL at all, in fact it’s quite hard!

Edmo Outdoor RallyCamp EDMO® Home Office staff recently witnessed this for themselves at professional development they attended. Their general take-away from both the South by Southwest EDU and American Camp Association conferences was that SEL is something schools, camps, educators and parents very much want to offer their kids, but that not all that many are confident about how to teach it.

Don’t want to toot our own horn too much, but that is where Camp EDMO® comes in! Informed by years of high quality, evidence-based research and development from organizations like the David P. Weikart Center, UC Berkeley’s Greater Good Science Center and the PEAR Institute, we know our stuff when it comes to SEL!

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