Below is a bird’s eye glance of all you can do and learn in an online EDMO® Club Weeklong or Once-a-Week program. If you want all the nitty gritties, visit EDMO® Clubs, click on your child’s age group and read about our Fall 2020 themes.

Fall Programs

All school year-long we will run  EDMO® Clubs. Join our Weeklong and Once-a-Week clubs, Monday – Friday from 8am – 5pm PT.  Prefer to get One-on-One tutoring, coaching or mentoring? Check out our EDMO® Coach program to find credentialed teachers, education professionals, artists and college students. Coaches tailor their schedule, curriculum and activities to each child’s availability, interest and skill level.

Age Groups

EDMO Junior: Pre-K & Entering Kindergarten

It starts with kids entering Pre-K and Kindergarten. While they play, create and make friends, they get used to routines and absorb SEL skills. Whether it’s learning to play collaboratively or express emotions, our EDMO Jr campers flex their growing mind, body and spirit.

EDMO Prime: Entering 1st-2nd Grade

Say hello to next-generation learning, fueled by old-school values. EDMO Prime kids rock the vibe and participate in activities as original they are.

EDMO Max: Entering 3rd-4th Grade

During grades 3-4, this is when our EDMO Max campers really start growing into their own identities. We give them a platform to experiment, define what they love to do, express emotions and form deeper friendships.

EDMO Pro: Entering 5th-8th Grade

Starting in 5th grade (and throughout middle school), when campers are ready to take the plunge, EDMO Pro lets them choose a passion and explore it with deep focus.  Campers participate in more advanced programs with real-world tools and more lab time.

Weekly Club Themes

We don’t know what your child will be when they grow up, but we want them to succeed. Our Weeklong and Once-a-Week Club themes typically fall under three categories: Science, Technology & Nature. Each category develops a different set of skills but all of them include maker projects that fuse collaborative design challenges with art and individual expression.

Our curricula are designed by our in-house education team in partnership with top Bay Area museums, organizations and universities. We scaffold activities so that campers start with an introductory project at the beginning of the week and culminate with larger, more complex and collaborative ones at the end of the week. Throughout the week we weave in elements of The EDMO Method® to build life-long skills.


We’ve adapted all of our hands-on science and maker curricula to the online learning world. Our Science Program curriculum revolves around design challenges that mimic real-life scenarios and lots of household materials. With our emphasis on developing both a Maker Mindset and Growth Mindset, campers feel safe to make mistakes and learn from them. (This video was filmed pre-COVID.)


We’ve adapted all of our in-person tech curriculum for the online learning world. Our Technology Programs empower campers to make a difference in the world by building fundamental digital media skills. Campers apply both the Maker Mindset and Connected Mindset™ to create “positive goal” games, apps and movies. (This video was filmed pre-COVID.)


We’ve adapted some of our Nature Programs curriculums for the online learning world. Learn how to turn your environment into our classroom. Campers practice the Maker Mindset and Mindfulness looking at nature in their homes, gardens, neighborhoods or local parts. We focus on developing an eco-consciousness by seeing the world through the lens of nature’s creatures. (This video was filmed pre-COVID.)

The EDMO Vibe

All sorts of EDMO vibe-arrific things happen in our online learning programs that make it feel like a unique, connected and magical experience. Here are just a few favorites:


Weekly Challenges

Each week we post a unique Challenge designed to encourage your child to be curious, courageous and kind in their community. Post your photo completing the challenge on EDMO’s Instagram or Facebook page!



Campers learn to give gratitude to one another, staff and their parents by giving them “Snaps”. Two pats, two claps, two snaps and some good vibes are coming your way!


Teaching SEL


These lovable plush characters are an SEL tool; each character having different personality archetypes that help campers build empathy and compassion for themselves and others.


Mindfulness Practices

During our SEL time each day, we work in kid-friendly mindfulness practices like short visualization exercises, walking meditation, yoga for kids and journaling.



Dress Up Thursdays

Every Thursday things get a little extra weird during the summer. Check out these past dress-up themes days. We’ll sprinkle some of these throughout the school year too : ).   

Honor System Pricing

Honor System Pricing allows us to serve everyone at the same time. All we do is create the space for people to be kind. Humans decide what they can afford and if they want to help others. Humans decide if their child deserves a quality education and if all children deserve a quality education. Humans decide if they stand for diversity and inclusion. Humans have the power in this system. 

“My son came home SO HAPPY after day one and on the second day couldn't WAIT to get to camp. He's come home every night laughing and sharing all the fun things he did throughout the day.”
– Paul F., 2nd Grade Santa Rosa Parent