EDMO® Stands for Equity

Edventure More (EDMO®) believes that ALL children should have access to high quality summer and enrichment programs that prepare them with both academic and social emotional learning skills. All children should have equal opportunity to become the innovators, educators, researchers, and leaders who can solve the most pressing challenges facing our nation and world. It’s all a part of our mission that we embody at every level of the organization,

We remove the financial barriers for families through 3 EDMO® Programs:

  • Sliding Scale (Financial Aid)
  • Partially & Fully-Funded Summer Camps
  • Funded After School Programs


We offer Sliding Scale (Financial Aid) at EVERY camp location for families who would not otherwise be able to afford the full cost of camp. It doesn’t matter if you need just a little help or a lot of help. We’ve got a price point and spot for you this summer. 

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High quality summer camps are often not accessible in low-income communities or communities of color. EDMO® addresses these needs through our Partially & Fully-Funded Camps. EDMO® partners with school districts that serve under-resourced communities across Northern California.  Districts donate their facilities in-kind and/or apply their federal and state funding (ASES and 21st Century grants) to finance free or heavily subsidized camps. Often times camps are hosted at Title 1 schools in neighborhoods that experience high rates of crime, poverty and addiction. In some districts that prioritize equity, we host camps in schools that build bridges between kids and families of all socio-economic backgrounds. Parents paying higher level tiers subsidize the cost of camp for families on financial aid. 

Over the years we’ve learned that “equity” doesn’t just mean giving everyone the same thing. In these district-supported camps, we add additional academic and emotional supports to better serve staff, students and parents. On top of our traditional camp features, our Partially & Fully-Funded EDMO® Camps include:

  • Free or almost free fees for families in financial need : Families pay on average $0-$75 per week to attend
  • Credentialed SEL (Social Emotional Learning) & STEAM (Science, Technology, Engineering, Art & Math) Coaches
  • Staff recruited from the community and often from the local school where the camp is held
  • Curriculum modifications for kids reading below grade-level
  • Trauma informed staff training with bilingual staff, leadership and materials
  • Weekly Bilingual Parent Education Workshops on STEAM & SEL topics
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EDMO® partners with school districts and existing after school providers to bring affordable quality after school programs to these communities as well. Typically these programs are funded by federal ASES or 21st Century grants in addition to a sliding scale parent contribution. Programs vary in length depending on the type of funding available from the district or city agency.

After School Program Types:

  •  Comprehensive After School Programs (180 school year days for 3 hours per day)
    • Staff recruited from the local community and receive trauma informed training
    • Activities coordinated with Teachers to align with school curriculum.
    • Students engage in 1-hour of homework, 1-hour of STEAM enrichment and 1-hour of Recreation/SEL activities daily
    • Events led by students, including Science Nights and Talent Shows
    • Quarterly bi-lingual Parent Ed Workshops offered
    • Cost to parents: $100/month on average
  • Specialty After School Programs (Once a week for 8-10 weeks for 1 hour per day)
    • Students engage in 1-hour STEAM & SEL focused workshops
    • Sessions run by an EDMO® Instructor 
    • Cost to parents typically $0

If you are interested in hosting an After School Program at your school, please contact our School Year Program Manager, Kendra Watkins at kendra@campedmo.org or call 415.282.6673.

As a non-profit, we rely on the support of donors, Foundations and Corporations to support our Funded Programs. If you would like to be part of our movement to reduce the financial barriers for all children to experience our programs, please see how you can support us. 

“I am glad there is a place for all children from different income levels to go to in order to grow mentally and educationally.”
– Kristina N., 6th Grade Oakland Parent