We design our week-long camp sessions around four age levels, each tuned to a distinct developmental stage. Each session is built around a kid-tested, maker-infused theme, from Critter Kingdom and Curious Chemists to App Inventor and EDMO Robotics Club. Camp sessions are based on the grade camper will be entering in Fall 2020.

Off We Go!

EDMO Junior Pre-K & K

Campers play, create and make friends. They get accustomed to routines, begin to manage their emotions and learn the power of kindness.

EDMO Junior Themes

EDMO Prime Grades 1 & 2

As kids start growing into their own identities, EDMO Prime gives them a platform to experiment, explore their passions, express their emotions and form deeper friendships.

EDMO Prime Themes

EDMO Max Grades 3 & 4

Campers expand their powers of empathy. They also collaborate more and tackle more difficult maker and tech challenges.

EDMO Max Themes

EDMO Pro Grades 5 to 8

Campers choose a subject they love and explore it with intense focus. Older and more advanced kids are given extra challenges to tackle.

EDMO Pro Themes

Leader-in Training Grades 9 to 12

Leaders-in-Training cultivate strengths, earn community service hours, gain access to a network of support in the enrichment field and lay the foundation for leadership positions in the future.


LIT Program Details

“Camp EDMO has been a consistent camp that my kids enjoy returning to every summer. Whether it's a maker or tech week, they have always enjoyed the counselors and the new things they have learned.”
– 4th Grade Los Altos Parent