Due to the Covid-19 health crisis, we’ve decided to go completely online until it becomes safe to operate large camps again. We hope to be back at all of your favorite locations in Summer 2021. Once we resume in-person camps, we’ll work with both the American Camp Association and our Medical Advisory Board to develop appropriate health and safety practices. You may keep up to date on the status of our programs by visiting the COVID-19 Summer Plan page on our website.

Safety is our Priority

With EDMO currently 100% online, the safety for our children and staff continues to be just as important as safety for our in-person camps. Our online safety policies include:

  • Zoom links change twice daily
  • Moderated, waiting room check-in process for all EDMO Live! programs
  • A cameras & mics set to “on” rule when kids enter a session to enable us to verify their identity
  • Staff confirm participants with sign-in rosters
  • A “floating” host to monitor participants and intervene should there be any inappropriate or behavioral issues
  • Half-Day and Full-Day camps include additional Counselors, as well as a credential STEAM and SEL coach.

We also strongly suggest that parents:

  • Put a screen or background behind their child to obscure any living space
  • Remind children never to disclose their full address to others in the session
  • Practice with their children how to mute and unmute their audio so others are unable to hear any personal conversations

Additional Safety Practices

Safety at Camp EDMO® starts with our staff and the policies, procedures and training each member goes through, from our Camp Directors down to our campers. Here are some of the things we do to make sure everyone at camp stays safe:

  • We are an American Camp Association (ACA) Accredited organization and adhere to ACA standards for health, cleanliness and emergency protocol. (Scroll down to learn more.)
  • All Camp Directors are CPR and First Aid Certified. Instructors and Counselors also undergo first aid and safety training before beginning camp.
  • Each camp office has an emergency binder that includes local emergency numbers and a safety packet outlining the various scenarios and procedures that could arise at camp.
  • Each Monday campers are told camp rules and provided with clear boundaries of where they can and cannot go on campus and reminded of the rules throughout the week.
  • Counselors and Instructors have campers line up when moving from one place to another, using a line-up rope for our younger junior campers to hold on to. Groups will also use a team name and unique attention getter to gather together campers, as well as repeatedly conduct a headcount as they move through the day.
  • Our ratio of staff to campers also ensures proper supervision for all ages during all camp activities.

To increase their visibility, we also recommend that campers wear their Camp EDMO t-shirts daily. Campers are provided with a t-shirt at the start of their first week at camp each summer. If you wish to purchase additional shirts, you may do so when you enroll in camp.






To see how we deal with illnesses at camp, please take a look at our specific policies related to common scenarios that may arise.

Camp EDMO is American Camp Association Accredited!

At Camp EDMO, the quality of our programs and the safety of our campers and staff is our number one priority. Being an American Camp Association (ACA) accredited camp is not only a sign that we’ve set up our programs to achieve this end but a solid stamp of approval from the industry.

The American Camp Association’s rigorous accreditation process and comprehensive peer review ensure the camps they accredit practice the most up-to-date, research-based standards in camp operation and provide an environment committed to safety.

Among the ACA’s 290 unique standards are requirements for health, cleanliness, food service, programming, staff, emergency protocol, health care and management. A process of 12 or more site visits, staff interviews and program documentation all provide the data needed for this comprehensive assessment and a resulting testament to the quality of Camp EDMO.

“The safety and organization of your program is stellar. I would totally recommend your camp to any family.”
– 8th Grade Santa Rosa Parent