Our mission is to make equitable, high-quality STEAM & SEL learning programs accessible to all communities in order to cultivate curious, courageous and kind humans everywhere.

We operate online and in-person enrichment programs that reach every type of community imaginable. We’re in metropolitan cities. We’re in the suburbs. We’re in public schools. We’re in private schools. Why? We believe that ALL children should have access to programs that will prepare them with the academic and social-emotional skills to be the innovators, educators, researchers and leaders of tomorrow.  We invite you to join the cause by enrolling your child in EDMO® and/or making a donation.  

WHY STEAM? STEAM is an educational approach that uses Science, Technology, Engineering, Art and Mathematics as access points for guiding children’s inquiry, dialogue and critical thinking. Our maker-focused curriculum integrates all the STEAM disciplines. The benefits include piquing the natural curiosity of kids; adapting to different learning styles; and teaching life-long social-emotional skills through hands-on, experiential activities.

WHY SEL SKILLS? Research shows that children who build their SEL (Social-Emotional Learning) skills show improved classroom behavior, academic success, an increased ability to manage stress and depression and better attitudes about themselves, others and school. Having a well-stocked SEL toolbox helps children develop character traits such as responsibility, empathy, initiative, problem-solving and emotion management – skills that last a lifetime. Check out our EDMO Method® to learn how we do it. 

WHY EDMO? We’ve been developing our camp program, culture, staff training and curriculum since 2004. As an organization, we model the lessons we teach. We collaborate with a team of leaders in the field of Science, Maker Education and Social-Emotional Learning in the design of our activities. It’s how we ensure your child gets the most enriching experience possible. We practice empathy and problem solving by working with school districts to design camps that work for their unique community. We take responsibility for our development as humans so that we can lead with authenticity and compassion. We care deeply about igniting the best in your child and every child we have the honor to serve. 

EDMO® is not just a summer camp. It’s a movement. Let’s build a more Curious, Courageous and Kind world together. 

“My son is so exhausted when he gets home and I know it's because he has six straight hours of fun! I wanted him to have a summer camp experience that was physically engaging and challenging for his mind. I like that you're developing emotional awareness. It's a really well-rounded experience.”
– Karen R., 1st Grade Folsom Parent