The best way we can be of service in this new post-Covid era is to be the most kind, courageous and equitable online learning organization in the world. Since March 23, 2020 we have delivered thousands of online Drop-in, Camp and Coach sessions to kids across 43 states, 7 countries and counting. Our Honor System Pricing model gives parents the opportunity to be a force for equity in education. So far the experiment is working. Over 80% of families are paying the full price with 1 in 10 donating even more to help cover the cost for those who applying an Honor Code for instant financial aid.

Our biggest Covid-19 Update: Equity in education is happening

Should we decide to open in-person programs, we will notify families and the design will be aligned with our values, your needs and emerging safety standards. If you wish to receive the latest notifications, please sign up for our newsletter on our contact us page. In the meantime, we’re scaling up our online systems to be able to serve tens of thousands of kids and create hundreds of good paying camp jobs. Thank you for ensuring that ALL kids have access to high-quality learning programs this summer and beyond. 

EDMO® Live! Summer 2020 Options

We have three live, online equity-focused options that fit ANY budget, age, schedule, passion or hobby you can possibly imagine. Join us for an incredible summer adventure with friends or make new ones from around the world. 

EDMO Live! Camps (Half & Full Day):  Anchor your family’s summer routine around these week-long, 2.5 hour camps led by our kind and campy EDMO staff. Kids keep the same Instructors and campmates all week. Join with friends or make new ones. Our mix of activities moderates screen time. Each session includes rallies; Maker, Science or Tech projects; snack breaks; SEL games; and Indoor Rec games. Tip: Enroll early to give yourself time to order any supplies you might need 

  • Hours: Mon-Fri, Week-long, 9:30am-12pm PST and/or 1pm-3:30pm PST
    Enroll in both times for a full day camp. Projects differ between sessions. 
  • Grades: Pre-K-8th Grade
  • Themes: Visit our EDMO Live! Camps page to see our 2020 themes.
  • SIP Price: $150/week (Only $12/hour) 
  • Honor System Pricing available for instant financial aid. 

EDMO Live! Drop-in (Group):  Need to get some work done? Just need a break? We’re here for you at a moment’s notice. Try these 1-1.5 hour daily drop-in sessions all day, all summer long. You can try one right now. Kids can learn all kinds of stuff like hula dancing, calligraphy, science, Minecraft, Roblox, stopmotion animation and more.

  • Hours: 9:30am-5:30pm PST
  • Grades: Pre-K-8th Grade
  • SIP Price: $15/hour
  • Honor System Pricing available for instant financial aid. 

EDMO Live! Coach (1-on-1)Use the summer to learn French, play the saxophone, take acting lessons, learn to juggle, code in Python, animate in 3-D, write a book or learn practically ANYTHING you can imagine! Check out our coach profiles

  • SIP Price: $40/hour
  • Wage equity: This program is operated at or below-cost to provide jobs with living wages during this crisis for youth development professionals.
  • Grades: Pre-K – 12th grade (That’s right – high school!)
  • Once our volunteer coach program is in place, we will institute Honor System Pricing for this program. 

If you have saved your Summer 2020 credit as EDMO Bucks...

Please note that you are not automatically enrolled in any EDMO Live! online program. You will need to make a new enrollment using your EDMO Bucks credit. To help us serve you better in this time, please fill out the EDMO® Bucks Credit Redemption Form ASAP. This helps us understand when you plan to use your credit. Please be patient as we only have a few admin staff to process thousands of requests. As soon as your credit has been processed, you’ll receive a confirmation email.

EDMO Live! FAQ's

Below are some of the most commonly asked questions about our transition to becoming an online learning platform for Summer 2020. 

Q: If I keep my credit for next year (and don’t use it on online camps this year) do I lock in the same price for in-person camps next summer?

A: YES. If you keep 100% of your credit for Summer 2021, you will lock in the Summer 2020 price. 

Q: Are your EDMO Live! Camps pre-recorded videos or live instruction?

A: LIVE! We believe human connection is essential – especially in this time of social distancing and shelter-in-place. Campers will build real relationships with staff and kids just like an in-person camp. 

Q: Can I use my EDMO Bucks for EDMO Coach?

A: YES. If you keep your credit as EDMO Bucks you can use them for ANY current or future EDMO service. That currently includes EDMO Live! Camps, Drop-in, and Coach. 

Q: Why is there a $25 processing fee for refund requests?

A: We know, it stinks. Unfortunately we must charge this fee, otherwise there would be no money to pay a human to honor your request. Our dedicated admin team is working overtime to process each cart item individually, ask clarifying questions and/or send confirmation emails. We must pay them a living wage so they can refund you. Thank you for understanding.  

Q: Will my credit be processed by May 4, 2020 so I can apply it to EDMO Live! Camps?

A: First off, thank you for opting for a credit! Secondlyyes, that is our goal. If not on May 4, it should be soon after. We’re doing our best!

Q: How are you handling supplies for EDMO Live! Camps?   

A: Many of our projects use common household supplies. We will also pre-build carts on Amazon where you can order supplies. We encourage families to share supplies or substitue supplies to save costs. We will also provide a list of alternative materials that will do the trick. The most important thing is to enroll early to allow for supplies to arrive in time.