Experience to Leverage

We can’t do everything alone and we know schools, businesses and community organizations can’t either.  We’ve been around for over 15 years and have learned a lot about building character traits vital to health and predictive of high achievement and life satisfaction. We’ve seen the results in kids through our award winning School Year and Summer Camp programs and have started sharing this expertise at conferences. Our scientifically backed methodology and expert training can improve your organization’s culture and level of engagement.

Choose from a multitude of EDMO® Professional Development Opportunities:

Staff Training. Change happens from the top down. Let us take your team through our programs, modeling the behavior they’ll need to lead others. Your team will quickly develop the same skills they want their students to possess.

Integrated Curriculum. Build a model for success. Experience our Science, Technology & Nature curricula. All include maker projects that fuse collaborative design challenges with individual expression designed to spark curiosity, stretch creativity, strengthen collaboration and inspire self-reflection. With this kind of social emotional intelligence, your potential is boundless. 

Program Structure. It’s the mix that makes the magic. We’ll demonstrate how a blend of activities and mindsets make the perfect program. By utilizing a Maker Mindset and Growth Mindset throughout both hands-on and recreational sessions, program participants feel safe to make mistakes and learn from them.

Program Culture. Our programs go deep. Gain a comprehensive understanding of how Social Emotional Learning (SEL) impacts all aspects of learning and development. And how lessons can allow for skill development while also leading to personal expression, personal growth and connectedness.

Organization Culture. Go full STEAM ahead when everyone’s on board. We can all “talk the talk” but when you “walk the walk” the impact is even greater. We’ll practice activities that pique curiosity, enable acts of kindness, bring out participants courageous site and create a feeling of connectedness and fulfillment.

Parent Engagement. It takes a village. Our programs work best when parents participate, too. Whether it’s through devices to elicit conversation with their children, hands-on activities that they can do at home as a family or exercises to help them better utilize the skills we’re teaching their kids, parent involvement is powerful.

Let our Professional Development educational programs lead to the enrichment, growth and advancement of your team. Complete our request form to see how our Professional Development options fit together to develop and maintain a healthy and successful program.

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