One Man’s Trash Can be a Kid’s Treasure

13316974_10154935061444535_3527607413572849246_oTeaching kids to recycle is easy and one of the simplest ways to get kids involved at an early age is by leading by example. You can also set up a recycling center at home, take your kids on a field trip to a recycling center or just help your kids come up with ideas for things to make with the recycling you gather at home.

You can make things that are useful or just use recycled materials for crafts.

  1. Making items that are useful obviously has a lot of benefits. You can save money. You’re helping the environment. Building something useful is also a great way to tap into your creativity and increase confidence and a “can do” attitude. Here are a few amazing projects that people have made for their homes. Take a look at these cool items too!
  2. Recycled crafts show kids how to make unique pieces of art by thinking outside of the box. Each eco-friendly recycled art project can be made with materials found around the house, or items that are usually thrown away. Egg cartons, old t-shirts and broken jewelry can all turn into works of art with a little effort and imagination. The possibilities are endless!

Have an item and need a little inspiration? Take a look at ideas of what you can make using all sorts of things.

Here are more ways to upcycle recyclables! Post your creations and tell us about them on our Camp EDMO® Facebook Wall.