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Hands-On Activity Booths

Choose from Maker-Infused Science activities like:

  • Catapults – Discover simple machines as you learn about the lever while building a puffball-launching catapult.
  • Seed Suitcases – Unearth the concepts of seed dispersal while creating a seed suitcase that will allow you to plant flowers anywhere!
  • Stomp Rockets – 3-2-1-Blast Off!!! Learn about the forces of “push” and “pull” and simple machines as you launch air propelled rockets.
  • LED Creatures and Bling – Harness the power of conductivity while showing off your style with LED lights. Using a simple LED circuit, you will create a light-up jewel to be a attached to your own creature, bracelet or unicorn horn!
  • LED Glow Fun – Reveal the power of a watch battery as you create brilliant glow sticks and light sabers.
  • Ball in Cup – Enter the world of simple, classic toys. These timeless items are a great introduction to toy design, as many of these have simple designs but contain hours of fun!
  • Futuristic Fliers – Gain an understanding of the forces of gravity, lift, thrust, and drag as you build and test unique flying contraptions based on your own design!
  • Rubber Band Helicopters – It’s not a bird, it’s not a plane, it’s a rubber band helicopter! Explore how forces of flight are created through stored mechanical energy by engineering a rubber-band powered helicopter.
  • Harmonicazoo – Become a master of rhythm through the art of sound as you build a harmonicazoo.
  • Action Art – Master the fundamentals of a chemical reaction when you create a gas by mixing an acid and a base to launch a mini rocket into the air, leaving behind a work of art.
  • Spy Disguise – Perfect the fine art of making a disguise to go unnoticed when out collecting information and clues you need to crack the case. A great disguise is a spy’s best friend after all!
  • Design Challenge – On your mark, get set, GO! Inspire collaboration, problem solving and creativity with our maker design challenges; using only our special supply of materials. Choose from our array of challenges:
    • Tower Challenge
    • Marble Run
    • Crane Drop
    • Egg Drop
    • Ramp Challenge
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  • Season: Winter 2019, Spring 2019
  • Grade(s): Pre-K - 8th
  • Duration: 4 hours maximum
  • Price: $125 per activity
  • Location(s): Bay Area, Sacramento
  • Type: Custom Events