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Ocean Odyssey

In our Ocean Odyssey program, students will journey into the depths of our world’s oceans, seas, and other saltwater environments. During this fantastic adventure into the deep, students will learn all about the different habitats and life forms occupying various levels of our oceans – from tide pools and shallow seas to the deepest trenches and beyond! Students will have a chance to recreate these environments and the life that inhabits them as they dive deeper and deeper down from the surface into the scientific unknown!

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  • Grade(s): Pre-K-4th
  • Length: 60 minutes once per week
  • Duration: 5-10 weeks
  • Seats: 7 minimum/15 maximum
  • Price: North Bay: $20/wk per student Sacramento Area: $14/wk per student
  • Location(s): Sacramento, Bay Area
  • Type: School & Community After School Programs