It’s time for pumpkins, pinecones and snowflakes… and now there’s camp, too!

The Freshest Scoop: Bring EDMO Home for Birthdays!

This just in – invite EDMO to your house for a birthday celebration! Our Camp EDMO Party Presenters won’t be there just as honored guests to eat cake and wave balloons, they’ll run the show for you, too.

Our trained presenters come to you with the activities and the EDMO Vibe that your kids love. Plus, we do all the activity prep and clean up. Parties are 1-2 hours long, with one of all-time EDMO favorite activities for each hour scheduled:

  • Ooblek
  • Stomp Rockets
  • LED Creatures
  • Pop Rockets

Don’t want to muss the carpet with ooblek? You can have the party in the yard or at a park instead, it’s all up to you!

Our Secret Sauce: Meet EDMO Success Story Sam Wilcox!

Samantha Wilcox has been working at Camp EDMO SF – Marina every summer since high school, that’s five in all. She began working there as a Counselor, moved up to Instructor, then Camp Director and finally San Francisco Region Manager this fall. In each job Sam has enjoyed letting her creativity shine, especially during rallies. She likes watching the kids laugh when she does goofy things and loves to see them smiling at her jokes.
When she was a kid herself, Sam would return to San Francisco from her home in Europe each summer for camp. “It was like all the good parts of school without the bad parts,” she says. “My brother and I would beg my mother to let us go…I have really fond memories of summer camp, which is why I’m so excited about working for one!”

Sam became good friends with other counselors during her first summer. “After that,” she says, “I just wanted to keep coming home in the summer. I really liked seeing my friends – staff wise – that would come back every year, and the campers and families that I grew to really love.” Working at camp was also “super helpful in preparing to be a Resident Advisor,” Sam says. “If you can handle Kindergarteners then you can handle college freshman!”

Last spring Sam graduated from the University of Wisconsin at Madison and left her freshman behind. Not long after that, she was offered her new job as San Francisco Region Manager while still working as Camp Director. How’d she do it?

“Never be afraid to ask how you can keep moving up,” she recommends while settling into her new desk at the Camp EDMO™ home office.  “Asking to learn new things and looking forward to your future is something that is appreciated by bosses, and helps you so much!”

Ed Lights: What Exactly Is Social Emotional Learning, Anyway?

If you’ve been an EDMO family for a while, or even if you just joined us, you’ve probably heard us talk about Social Emotional Learning (SEL). SEL is at the core of the EDMO Method™, which also incorporates four ways of thinking (Growth Mindset, Maker Mindset, Connectedness and Mindfulness) with the three character traits we encourage in our campers, staff and ourselves: Curiosity, Courage and Kindness. 

It’s easy to identify the SEL skills integrated into the EDMO Method because they spell out our RECIPE:

  • Responsibility
  • Empathy
  • Collaboration
  • Initiative
  • Problem Solving
  • Emotion Management

Development of these SEL skills is built into every aspect of our academic enrichment programming. In addition to that, STEAM (Science, Technology, Engineering, Art & Math) makes up the academics. Then we add hands-on maker infused activities, along with rallies, chants, cheers and games (like the EDMO Vibe Game pictured above) to make all this learning more fun. But what does the SEL do for kids once they learn it?

In a nutshell, SEL skills are what we use to navigate life and relate to other people. Well developed SEL skills help us become better at understanding ourselves, interacting with others and facing challenges. Those abilities in turn help us become satisfied and successful adults. Interested in learning  more? Read this summer’s series of EDMO™ blog posts on SEL!

Equality Focus: The Camp EDMO Big Hairy Audacious Goal

We believe that all kids are capable of doing great things as adults, no matter what their circumstances are. With the right opportunities anyone can become a lifesaving doctor, a bestselling author, an innovative entrepreneur or thousands of other valuable professions. However, kids from under resourced communities don’t always have access to these opportunities. Like summer camp, for example.

As a provider of STEAM & SEL focused enrichment programs since 2004, we know what the research says. Our summer camp and school year programs set kids up to succeed in school and life. That’s why we have the social responsibility to make our programs accessible to ALL kids.

We’re happy to report that we are working our way towards that goal! We’re very proud of our Sliding Scale Financial Aid Program for Summer Camp and School Year Programs, Leader-in-Training (LIT) Scholarship Program and other equity programs.

All of these programs allow us to bring Camp EDMO™ to families who might not otherwise be able to afford camp for their kids. It’s an attempt to bridge the gap that lies between under-resourced communities and the resources they aren’t getting, in order to help kids learn, thrive and grow up to be successful adults.

Camp EDMO Happenings: What’s Coming Up? 

Veterans’ Day Break Camp in Los Altos  – Nov 11, 2019

Veterans’ Day is soon, and we’re bringing Camp EDMO fun to your neighborhood! While you’re at work or home, get summer back for your kids with one more day full of Curiosity, Courage and Kindness on Monday, November 11 at Oak Avenue Elementary.

Thanksgiving Break Camp in Burlingame  – Nov 25-27, 2019

Similar story, different holiday. Keep your kids busy while you thaw the turkey, run to the store or spend the day at the office. Then pick them up and enjoy your feast guilt-free! Monday through Wednesday, November 25-27, at Lincoln Elementary. 

Thanksgiving Break Camp in Novato  – Nov 25-27, 2019

Same story, different location. Keep your kids engaged while you make mashed potatoes, go holiday shopping or go to work. Then pick them up and enjoy your feast guilt-free! Monday through Wednesday, November 25-27, at Good Shepherd Lutheran School.

Thanksgiving Break Camp in San Francisco  – Nov 25-27, 2019

Same story, different location. Keep your kids learning while you search for the carving platter,  enjoy your relatives or spend the day at work. Then pick them up and enjoy your feast guilt-free! Monday through Wednesday, November 25-27, at Forest Hill Preschool. 

Winter Break Camp in Novato  – Jan 2-3, 2020

Same place, different dates! Our Winter Break Camps give parents time to kick the new year off right and give kids something fun to do in the meantime. Thursday and Friday, January 2-3, at Good Shepherd Lutheran School.

Winter Break Camp in San Francisco  – Jan 2-3, 2020

Same place, different dates! Our Winter Break Camps give parents time to kick the new year off right and give kids something fun to do in the meantime. Thursday and Friday, January 2-3, at Forest Hill Preschool.


Winter Break Camp in Oakland  – Jan 2-3, 2020

Same place as summer in Oakland! Our Winter Break Camps give parents time to kick the new year off right and give kids something fun to do in the meantime. Thursday and Friday, January 2-3, at Redwood Day School.


Ski Week Break Camp in Rocklin  – Feb 17-21, 2020

Not skiing this season? Then send your kids to camp! They’ll have fun and learn at the same time Monday through Friday, February 17-21, at Johnson-Springview Community Park.


Spring Break Camp in Rocklin  – April 6-10, 2020

Staying here this spring? Give your kids the gift of our hands-on maker infused STEAM & SEL activities with the EDMO Vibe™ they know and love! You’ll have smooth sailing for this week with no school and they’ll have a blast.

In Class Programs  – Fall Only

They’re back – in Fall 2019 that is! Modeled after our experiential camp learning environments, Camp EDMO™’s In Class Programs (ICPs) help thousands of preschool, elementary & middle school teachers bring hands-on, maker-infused science, technology or nature programs to their classrooms.

Comprehensive After School Programs – All Season

Comprehensive After School Programs (CASP) is 180 days, 5 days a week experiential learning programs built on Camp EDMO™ educational expertise. Customized to school needs and perfect for after school homework support, STEAM activities and Social Emotional Skill building.

Specialty After School Programs – All Season

When school is out, EDMO’s in with maker-infused science, tech and nature sessions. Every Camp EDMO™ After School Program incorporates the latest educational approaches, features high-quality STEAM and SEL activities and is designed to cultivate 21st Century Life Skills. North Bay and Sacramento Region only.

Professional Development – All Season

We’ve learned a lot over the years about building character traits vital to health and predictive of high achievement and life satisfaction. So much so that we’ve started sharing this expertise with education staff, community organizations and businesses. Let our Professional Development programs help advance your team!

Summer Camp 2020 Priority Registration  – Jan 2, 2020

Want to get the best deal of 2020 on Summer Camp AND get your pick of weeks, themes and locations? Then our new Priority Registration is for you! Enrollment begins Jan 2, 2020. Be on the lookout for more information and instructions coming to your email inbox.


Partner Post: Spend the Night At The Academy of Sciences

We’ve partnered with the California Academy of Sciences to offer EDMO™ families a reduced rate of $107.20 (regularly $119) for Oct 19th and Nov 9th. Read on for more about these slumber parties.

Explore the exhibits after-hours: Discover the deepest depths of the oceans, travel to the tops of rainforests, and blast off into outer space at your own private planetarium show.

After milk and cookies, roll out your sleeping bag in an exhibit area like the flooded forest tunnel, Philippine Coral Reef, or even face-to-face with Claude the albino alligator!

In the morning, rise-and-shine for breakfast time at the Academy Café—and continue your adventure with complimentary next-day admission to the museum.

Ticket Price includes:
  • Overnight stay in an exhibit area
  • Live animal presentation
  • Rainforest access until 8 pm
  • Planetarium showings
  • Late night snack and early morning breakfast
  • Overnight parking in Music Concourse Garage
  • Next-day admission to the Academy
To book tickets, call the California Academy of Science’s Specialty Programs Department directly at 415-379-5854. Explain that you are a Camp EDMO™ family and want to purchase tickets for the 10/19 or 11/9 sleepover. A member of their team will assist you with purchasing tickets at a reduced rate. Nighty-night and sleep tight!

Monkeying Around: Try Some Camp-Like Activities at Home!
Here’s a little something to help your kids keep summer in their hearts and minds, pulled from our own archives. Check out our EDMO at Home, Extend the Learning Resources. There’s lots to do for all ages!