Ruby Bridges School Year Program

Ruby Bridges Elementary

351 Jack London Ave, Alameda, CA 94501

  • Dates: August 19, 2019 – June 5, 2020
  • Campus Hours: End of school - 6pm
  • Grades Served: K - 5th

EDMO® Comprehensive After School Program @ Ruby Bridges: EDMO is on campus providing a high-quality after school program until 6pm for 180 days of the school year. This program serves youth in grades K-5 and encompasses a broad range of focus areas including: STEAM, Social/Emotional Learning, academic support, youth development, and sports and recreation. The program is partially funded by a district-administered 21st Century state grant. Families also contribute on a sliding scale to supplement the cost of the program. Participation is limited to Ruby Bridges Elementary students only.

Apply for Financial Assistance: To apply for our financial assistance program please fill out the 2020-2021 School Year Form. Applications will be reviewed and you will receive an email mid-March with your pricing for the next school year. Open enrollment for the 2020-2021 school year will begin in early April. Special qualifying rules apply, please see the “Program Info” tab above for more details.

Please note we are currently developing a contingency plan for keeping kids engaged via online programming should there be any required camp closures. We will also revisit our refund policy as needed as updates regarding the Coronavirus unfold in the coming weeks.

Students in the Camp EDMO® Comprehensive After School Program receive 60 minutes of Camp EDMO STEAM enrichment curriculum on full school days and 90 minutes on early release or minimum days. All curriculum is geared towards K-1, 2-3, and 4-5 grade level groupings so that curriculum is developmentally appropriate.

Take a look at the curriculum that this program will be covering in Spring 2020:

Cartoon Coders (K-1st grade)

Code your own animated cartoons! In Cartoon Coders, sttudents will use ScratchJr., a kid-friendly, “drag and drop” coding software for tablets, to design and build fun cartoon scenes and skits; complete with custom art and sound effects. As they complete their projects, students will be introduced to the basics of computer programming and explore concepts like functions, loops, events, and more.

Trees & Me (K-1st grade)

Connect to nature through science, as we identify trees and plants in our local communities. Students will walk through the life cycles of trees and see how their seasons are not only beautiful scenery, but are a part of our eminent ecosystem. Students will document and describe the wonders of trees and their importance to us by participating in nature walks, collecting samples, crafting art projects, and performing science experiments! Get rooted in science with Trees & Me!

Critter Kingdom (K-1st grade)

Dive deep into our planet’s wildlife as we examine its many different critters. Each day we will explore a different class of animal, from awesome amphibians to magnificent mammals to radiant reptiles. Students will uncover the wonders of flight by examining a bird’s wing, see how fish are able to retain oxygen using their gills, and learn about the life cycles of other animals and how they form a part of a larger kingdom of captivating critters! Leap into the world of wildlife with Critter Kingdom!

California Dreamin’ (2nd-3rd grade)

Explore the incredible world that is right in our own backyards! Students will discover the geology, biology and ecology all around us. See what makes the Golden State shine as we learn what causes those spooky earthquakes, build our own biomes and meet some of the amazing animals that live here!

Game Design Lab (2nd-5th grade)

Design, code, and perfect your very own video game! Students in the Game Design Lab will plan and develop a video game, including the code used to define the rules and mechanics of the game, as well as the artwork for their game’s characters, objects, and environments.

DIY da Vinci (2nd-5th grade)

Travel back in time and visit the OMG’s (Original Maker Greats!) of the Renaissance period. Leonardo da Vinci, Michelangelo and Galileo all intersected art, science and a maker mindset to create inventions and artwork that still impact our world today. Students will create gyroscope art, test a homemade submarine and apply the design process to prototype their own inventions using math, engineering and their imaginations!

Open Ended Project (4th-5th grade)

Using the knowledge they gained through DIY da Vinci and their knowledge of STEAM learning and making, students will plan and execute an entrepreneurial endeavor in which they design, build and market an invention, a gadget, or a product that meets the needs of their community. Students will learn how to prototype an idea, design a marketing and sales plan, and learn how to pitch their ideas in order to bring their product to the marketplace. Students will showcase their designs at an end of season Maker Faire showcase.


Program Description

The Ruby Bridges Comprehensive After School Program brings Camp EDMO’s experiential camp learning environment to the daily after school arena. This program runs daily from the end of school until 6pm each school day. 

Site Director

Helena Ortiz Helena Ortiz
Helena Ortiz

My name is Helena Ortiz and I have been working with the youth for over 11 years. I am a mother to a 7-year-old girl who I love to spend time with. Besides spending time with my daughter I love to shop, eat and enjoy the outdoors. This will be my second school year with Camp EDMO and I am very excited to have fun with the students and be able to provide a safe, engaging and eventful program. I look forward to having your child attend our program and continue to expand their learning!


  • Azhar Dahri Azhar Dahri
    Azhar Dahri
    Ruby Bridges Staff Member
  • Vashala Sims Vashala Sims
    Vashala Sims
    Ruby Bridges Staff Member
  • Marcos Medina Marcos Medina
    Marcos Medina
    Ruby Bridges Staff Member
  • Jaylan Wilson Jaylan Wilson
    Jaylan Wilson
    Ruby Bridges Staff Member
  • Jasmine Martin Jasmine Martin
    Jasmine Martin
    Ruby Bridges Staff Member
  • Anthony Jackson Anthony Jackson
    Anthony Jackson
    Ruby Bridges Staff Member

My name is Azhar and I am a freshman in college. I recently attend the College of Alameda but plan on transferring to a 4-year university and getting my Bachelors’s in nursing. In my free time I enjoy going out with friends or going on a walk at the beach. I have volunteered with students at Ruby Bridges during most of my high school years which has allowed me to better understand what children need in order to succeed socially and academically. Now working with them, I am really excited to see students grow and gain the knowledge needed to go onto the next school year!

My name is Vashala and I am a mother to a 2-year-old girl. I am the oldest of my family, I enjoy spending quality with my daughter and I proudly work with 4th grade at Camp EDMO. This year for 2020 I have set aside multiple goals for my future. One of my goals are to go back to school and further my education, and another one of my goals are to continue working with the youth and opening their minds to a positive outlook on making dreams come true.

My name is Marcos I’m currently attending San Francisco State University, I’ve been working in EDMO for 5 years now. I love playing sports (any) and love hiking around the Bay Area. I love working with kids and hope to do something in my career path that involves working with kids in the East Bay.

Hi my name is Jaylan and I am a sibling of six. I am the second oldest out of four sisters and one brother. I enjoy activities like sports, video games, and hanging with friends. I was born in San Francisco and lived in several places in the Bay Area. Then ultimately residing in Alameda. This is my second year working at Camp Edmo and I am looking forward to a fun and exciting school year. I believe that every student should have the right to an equal opportunity to succeed.

My name is Jasmine and I’m a mother of 3 and some of my passions are cooking, reading, and writing poetry. I recently completed culinary training and worked at a senior home living facility working beside a chef as a cook as well at a vegan catering company. I enjoy spending time with my family and friends and just enjoying life. I am excited about creating our performance for our end of the year show.

My name is Anthony but sometimes I go by AJ. I’m originally from Oakland California and I live here in Alameda. I am the oldest out of 5 siblings, so I am always looked up too and I really stand out from a crowd like a true influencer. Some of my talents that I enjoy are singing, writing music, and dancing, growing up I was put in so many programs like circus arts, Spirit Team, and African drum dance where I won 3 competitions here in the bay area. I performed at the house of blues and was included in parades throughout California. My whole life I have been inspired to share my talent. I have worked with kids for about 6 years in Alameda and its always been a happy place for me to see the smiles on kid’s faces. I am proud to work with Camp EDMO and to share my leadership and talents with all kids in the program.

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