SF – Marina

Sherman Elementary

1651 Union St, San Francisco | Get Directions
Camp Director Contact: Dustin Ercolano

Recreation Time Blacktop
Classroom Hallway
Garden Common Area

About the Campus

Locations don’t get more convenient than this! Sherman Elementary is right in the heart of the Marina! This spectacular school has classic architecture and a great play yard space, with gardens and greenery!

Camp Director

Dustin Ercolano Dustin Ercolano
Dustin Ercolano

If you have a love for being wild and bouncing off the walls with exuberant enthusiasm, you would be best friends with Dustin. Returning this summer for his fourth year at EDMO, Dustin is more than ready to jump back into the Summer Season to put his EDMO Vibe on display. Dustin started at EDMO as a counselor at the Marina site, then moved up to a position that allowed him travel around to a couple of Bay Area locations and add a splash of awesome as an instructor, counselor, and Co-Director. Now he’s returning to his home-site, Marina as a full-fledged Director to pump up the hype (and probably take more than a couple pies to the face). Dustin got his Bachelor’s Degree from the University of San Francisco and has his sights set on returning in the Fall to begin his three-year journey to earn his Law Degree. But don’t worry, when Dustin isn’t buried in tomes of criminal procedure and the codes of evidence, things can get a bit… crazy. In many ways, Dustin is a walking paradox. He loves to sing, but has a dreadful singing voice. He never misses a chance to dance, but has no rhythm… or skill. He can memorize over 20 camp songs, but has problems remembering his own phone number. He is a man of many names: Dustin, Rainbow Dustin, the Storyteller, Pie Target No. 1, and “that one guy who told me that one joke.” Sometimes random campers walk straight up to him and say, “you’re silly,” and then walk away. Whatever name you call him by, he is ready for another awesome season of camp and is thrilled to share his with his EDMO family.

“WHAT’S UP MARINA! The summer season is the best season because that is when camp is. And where there is camp, there’s EDMO campers. And where there’s EDMO campers, there’s a team of marvelous staff members. Put all of that together and you know what you get? Awesomeness- you get Awesomeness.” –Dustin Ercolano, SF – Marina Camp Director