EDMO® Clubs Pre K-8th, small online groups

EDMO Clubs meet five times with the same instructor and same kids. You can choose Clubs that meet daily, Monday through Friday for one week or Clubs that meet once a week for five weeks. Clubs meet for 90 minutes except for Pre K and K who meet for 60 minutes.


  • Pre-K-K Clubs (60min)
  • Regular Price: $100
  • Fall Price: $85/five sessions ($17/hour)
  • 1st-8th Grade Clubs (90 min)
  • Regular Price: $150
  • Fall Price: $127/five sessions ($17/hour)
  • Honor System Pricing: In order to address inequity in education and provide instant financial aid, we put the power of choosing a price in your hands. EDMO® is a non-profit. Please donate if you can afford more. Use an honor code if you need help.
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  • 50% Off Honor Code: HONOR50
  • 80% Off Honor Code: HONOR80

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Programs Starting on Week of 8/17-8/21
Programs Starting on Week of 8/17-8/21
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Programs Starting on Week of 8/17-8/21
“I am often able to hear the student and child interaction and it has been amazing. The staff is attentive and always attempts to assist and explain every step of the activities, as well as the why to the children. My expectations have been greatly exceeded. Thank you!!!”
– Carin C., 2nd Grade EDMO Live Camps Parent