Is Kindness Contagious?

(Updated 4.28.20)

“I have a strange question. What does ‘EDMO’ stand for?”

That was what a young girl asked last week as I was giving a virtual tour of our EDMO Live! camp. A couple things struck me in that moment: 1) A lot of parents and kids are about to discover EDMO and 2) My answer to that question today is much different than four weeks ago.

In the 5 weeks that we’ve been running virtual camps, we’ve already had families log in from places as far as the Dominican Republic, Connecticut, New Jersey, Florida, North Carolina, Pennsylvania and Georgia. So far we we’ve created over 1,000 EDMO Live! experiences. Many of the kids have never even been to our camps in person. This is especially surprising since we’ve done very little marketing so far beyond our circle of camp families.

Here’s another fascinating fact – people are awesome. We created the Honor Code Pricing model because we decided to courageously believe in humankind. Now check out these stats:

  • About 70% of families who have enrolled so far have paid the $15/hour rate.
  • About 30% of families have used an Honor Code (50% or 80% off).

With 30% of families using codes, one would think the average rate per hour would be much less than $15, right? Wrong. The average rate is actually $15.82/hour! (updated 4.28.20)

How is that possible? It’s possible because people are donating extra to help those who can’t afford the full price. Now that is KINDNESS! We feel so good about this model because it completely aligns with the mission of the organization:

Our mission is to make equitable, high-quality STEAM & SEL education programs accessible to all communities in order to cultivate curious, courageous and kind humans everywhere.

The design of EDMO Live! does exactly that. Kids of any socio-economic demographic from any part of the country can instantly be in the same room creating, designing, sharing, and connecting. If these numbers stay consistent as more people start to join, we won’t just survive this crisis, we will thrive. The big question we’ll be attempting to answer over the next few months and years is – How contagious is kindness?

If you’d like to follow our story, please follow our Founder Blog. I will regularly share stories and insights about this incredible adventure we’re on. So much has happened in the last month, and it feels like a lot more good stuff is about to happen.

If you’d like to chat, please join me this Wednesday, April 29 @ 5:30pm, for our second Founder Q&A Facebook Live on our Camp EDMO page. We can talk about the future of the camp industry, our vision for the organization, the power of kindness, my social distancing wedding this past weekend, whatever you like.  

Lastly, check our Covid-19 Update page for our latest thoughts on summer. If you’re enrolled in camp and worried about credits or refunds, I have a favor to ask – stick with us until May 7. Explore the evolving website, read the blog, read the Founder letters, join the Facebook conversations, see what we’ll be offering in June. If by May 7 you still want out, we will gladly refund you. (Our CFO, Rick, did not approve of that last sentence – more on him in the blog.)

Equity in education – it’s happening.

Eduardo A. Caballero
EDMO® Co-founder, Executive Director, Volunteer