How To Stop Summer Slide

Photo by Art Anderson

Summer slide…sadly, it’s not a shiny yellow piece of plastic you roll out in the backyard and spray with a hose. Instead, this fun sounding title refers to the not fun at all loss of last school year’s learning as it slips away from students during their summer break from school. Or, according to Edsurge, “academic regression experienced by students over the summer.” Either way, it’s not pretty.

But summer is pretty! And pretty fun, too. So how can we prevent it? Here are some suggestions from top educational websites.

Commonsense Media recommends three things:

  • Keep kids reading – seek out the fun stuff like graphic novels, mysteries and fan fiction. Read on the beach, read in the yard, sit in the house and read in there if you wish!
  • Document memories – encourage kids to make videos, take photos and write stories about what they’re up to.
  • Use tech to teach – find apps, games and websites that teach new skills.

Edsurge complains that though we’ve known about summer slide for over a hundred years,  it still happens today. So what can we do? Author Ariel Goldberg recommends the following:

  • Get ‘em to the library – just like Commonsense Media recommends, keep kids reading! Make sure they know how to use the library and look into helping them figure out how to use digital library resources that are available to them.
  • Keep the communication going – this recommendation is for teachers, to use a secure platform to communicate with families throughout the summer, but can also be utilized by parents, too. Basically, keep talking!
  • Invite students to use online services to connect with teachers over the summer, or maybe with Grandma or Uncle Charlie if they have something interesting to share.
  • Assign work! Summer homework? Sure! All kids like to have schoolwork over the summer, too. Right?
  • Find a version of school tools for home – there are a lot of platforms out there that teach different levels of various types of scholastic materials. If your children’s teachers haven’t recommended one for them to use (or even if they have, but it doesn’t work for your kid), test out the free versions and promos to find something that works for you!

At Camp EDMO™ we even have resources in our EDMO™ at Home section that continue the fun and learning from our After School Programs, Summer and Break Camps. Campers’ parents also receive weekly newsletters from our Camp Directors that are full of information about what campers are doing, so you can carry on with themes from each camp session at home and throughout the summer.

Not convinced your kid is going to go for all this summer learning? Two pieces of advice:

  • Make it fun: Take a trip, watch an educational movie together, play a game!
  • Incentivize: a walk on the beach, a trip to get ice cream, even screen time has great power when offered as a reward once the hard work is done.

Good luck and best wishes for a happy, healthy summer without too steep a slide!