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Growing Uncomfortable

An urgent midday meeting was called yesterday. Our Customer Relationship Manager, Mandee, and Director of Experiential Learning, Kendra, insisted on meeting with the entire Executive Team. “We’ve had some comments from parents and we think it’s important to address them right away. The theme we’re hearing,” Mandee said, “is ‘I’m uncomfortable.’ The urgency is we don’t want to stop what’s happening!” 

What’s happening in these first few weeks of camp, is that kids are bringing up topics like racism, Black Lives Matter, feminism, activism, and deep subjects that they want to talk about with our staff and other kids. These are uncomfortable topics, and yet topics for which our staff want to allow space. After all, our mission at EDMO® is to create equitable, high-quality programs that develop the Social Emotional Learning skills that help us all become curious, courageous and kind humans. 

My name is Sharon Mor. I’m the co-founder of EDMO and for my entire adult life I’ve been in the human transformational space both as a learner and a teacher. In addition to my role at EDMO, I am a Life Coach and a Teacher at The Hoffman Process where I co-facilitate a 7-day residential retreat for people ready to transform their lives and become their most authentic and powerful selves. I’ve helped develop The EDMO Method® and oversee our staff’s training at all levels, from our home office to the field. One thing I know for sure is that “uncomfortable” is a necessary gateway to growth.

Brene Brown says that “we need to cultivate the courage to be uncomfortable and to teach the people around us how to accept discomfort as a part of growth.” We here at EDMO agree wholeheartedly and are bringing that culture to our kids, staff and families. 

In all our online and in-person camps we have Social Emotional Learning Coaches who support our staff and kids in exploring uncomfortable topics in a safe and age appropriate way. Sometimes conversations take unexpected turns or last a little longer than intended. Sometimes it’s messy and often, we’re not perfect. But that is how learning happens, in the organic courageously uncomfortable and less-than-perfect moments. With kids logging on from all over the country and even the world, we have a real opportunity to teach them to feel a genuine connection, deep compassion, an understanding of their impact, and awareness of cultural influences. 

To do this powerful work with kids, we must first do this work on ourselves. That goes for staff, educators and parents. The EDMO staff training is experiential and ongoing. Staff journey inward first, work on themselves and then learn how to hold space for kids to connect with each other. Our staff aims to be more than just teachers, they aim to embody curiosity, courage and kindness. 

Of course, the greatest teacher in a child’s life is you, their parent. More than ever, education is a collaboration between parents, schools and learning organizations like ours. You are parenting in a truly auspicious moment. We are on the precipice of great transformation and we want to help you embody, model and teach kids about the change we wish to see in the world. 

To support you in this time, we are developing a series of parent workshops featuring guest speakers, healing circles and resources to help you navigate this moment in time. 

The Parent Support Series will be a brave space for all to be heard, for connection to be made, for exploration to be had. We’ll look at our blind spots, our fears, our hopes, our desires and the collective responsibility we all share. Ultimately, this will support you in holding this kind of space for your family. The only “requirement” is full presence and an open and willing heart. The groups will be ongoing and intentionally small to create an optimal group dynamic. To receive announcements of our Parent Support Series please complete this Parent Support Series Form.

We look forward to partnering with you to make our world one that we’re proud to leave for future generations.

Sharon Mor
EDMO® Co-Founder, CEO