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It's super easy. 1) Pick a vice. 2) Give it up.
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Can't give up pumpkin-spiced venti lattes for a week? We won't judge. You can still donate to the cause. Let us know your donation is in support of a Challenger. Donations help squelch cravings!

  • Why is the Give it Up for Kids Challenge so important?
  • How does Camp EDMO™ make a difference?
  • How do I join the Give it Up for Kids Challenge?
  • What is the money goal of the Give it Up for Kids Challenge?
  • How can my company sponsor the Give it Up for Kids Challenge?

Thousands of kids can’t afford a high-quality enrichment summer program like Camp EDMO™. However, we know that kids that go to camps like ours:  

  • Prevent Summer Learning Loss. Kids who don’t do enrichment activities in the summer lose 2-3 months of skills in math, reading, science, social emotional skills, and physical fitness. Kids who do them stay the same or gain skills each summer. Over a K-12 academic career those 2-3 months compound to 2-3 years of lost academic achievement! This loss explains the huge difference in high school graduation rates between low-income and high-income kids. Summer camp really matters!
  • Build SEL (Social Emotional Learning) Skills. A slew of research and best-selling books have proven that your “EQ” (Emotional Quotient) is more predictive of a person’s success than their IQ. Low-income kids especially need to build strong SEL skills to overcome the stressors of poverty, crime, and childhood trauma, besides just regular old daily life.
  • Develop a STEM Identity. Recent studies out of Princeton University and Northwestern University have shown that children start to develop a STEM identity (or lack of it) by the age of 6. If kids don’t have positive associations with Science, Technology, Engineering and Math at a young age, they are much less likely to pursue a career in those fields.

Our mission is to create equitable, high quality enrichment programs that cultivate Curious, Courageous and Kind humans.

We feature high-quality STEAM and SEL (Social Emotional Learning) activities designed in partnership with the Education Directors of some the top Bay Area museums and universities. Just take a look at our Curriculum Advisory Board. We’re not messing around. We’ve been at this for 15 years and have served over 120,000 kids in that time. Besides our traditional fee-based camps, we have operated equity camps for the past 5 years in San Francisco’s Mission, Excelsior and Portola neighborhoods; East Oakland; and East Palo Alto. The median household income can be as low as $26,000 annually for a family of 4 in these neighborhoods. Since Summer 2013 we have provided free or low-cost camp to over 2,000 kids for about 10,000 weeks of camp!

  • 98% of our parents report their kids increased in at least one of our EDMO Method RECIPE™ skills:  Responsibility, Empathy, Collaboration, Initiative, Problem Solving and Emotion Management.
  • 90% of parents reported their child’s enthusiasm for STEM programming increased.
  • 95% of returning parents reported school year benefits of camp for their children.


3 Easy Ways to Participate:

    • Pick the vice. Set your goal. Donate the vice money.
    • Inspire friends & family to join you: Facebook//Instagram: #GiveItUpforKids #GiveItUpforKidsChallenge @campedmo 
  • Start a Facebook Fundraiser.
    • Have a birthday in November or want to make a bigger contribution? Set your goal, take a sad face pic with a tub of ice cream, and rally your friends on social media to donate as you give up that craving.
    • Everyone who donates or raises at least $100 gets a sweet Give It Up for Kids t-shirt.
  • Donate to The Challenge.
    • Don’t think you can make it a week without a pumpkin spice venti latte? We won’t judge. You can still donate to the campaign. Please let us know if your donation is in support of a Challenger. We’ll pass along your note of encouragement.

This is just the start!

The Give It Up for Kids Challenge is actually the kick off event of our campaign to raise $150,000 by April 30, 2019. With $150,000 we can run a summer camp for 100-120 low income kids for 5 weeks in the summer of 2019. With your help and matching corporate sponsors we hope to raise at least $30,000 through this challenge.

Company Matching Program

Many companies have a employee donation matching program. They’ll double any donation you make to a non-profit organization. Just talk to your HR department.

Corporate Event Sponsorship

If your company would like to be a matching sponsor of the event or make a large donation to help us reach our big goal of $150,000, please contact Sia Magadan, Equity Program Manager at immediately. Don’t wait! Help us keep this ball of good vibes rolling!