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Dolores Huerta Elementary (formerly Fairmount Elementary)

65 Chenery St, San Francisco, CA 94131 | Get Directions
Camp Director Contact: Robert Stewart
Email: sfglenpark@campedmo.org
Phone: 415.533.2792

This location is an Equity Location funded by the San Francisco Department of Children, Youth, and their Families.

Special qualifying rules apply. Please see the “Program Info” tab above.

Camp Entrance
Blacktop Area
Lunch Area

About the Campus

Dolores Huerta Elementary (formerly Fairmount Elementary) is a landmark and incredible location for our San Francisco summer camp! It was the first schoolhouse built in San Francisco and has continued to grow and thrive and is one of the best-attended multicultural schools serving the neighborhoods of Noe Valley, the Mission, Glen Park, and Bayview! You can’t beat its’ outdoor area and play structures either!

June 10 – July 19
(No Camp Thursday, July 4th)

Campus Hours
9:00am - 3:00pm (Optional Extended Day 8:00am-6:00pm)

Grades Served
Pre-K - 8th

Camp Director

Robert Stewart Robert Stewart
Robert Stewart InstructorI'm a former instructor!

Robert is delighted to be returning to Camp EDMO™ for his second year and as the Camp Director of the SF-  Glen Park site. Last year, Robert worked at both SF – Mission and SF – Glen Park as the STEAM Coach. He is looking forward to seeing the campers and their families again. Robert began his career in education teaching ballet in Dallas, Texas both at Booker T. Washington High School for the Performing and Visual Arts, as well as for private studios and regional companies. At this same time, Robert was also a dancer and administrator of arts outreach programs. After earning a Master of Education degree from Harvard University Graduate School of Education, Robert taught Reading at W.E. Greiner Exploratory Arts Academy. After earning his second Master of Education degree (this time with an emphasis on Educational Leadership and Administration) from Southern Methodist University), Robert served as Assistant Principal for Momentous School in Dallas. Robert moved to San Francisco with his wife, Melinda and son, Maxton, two years ago and currently teaches second grade at John Muir Elementary.

“I am really looking forward to seeing all the campers from last year and meeting all the new campers who join us this year! We’re going to have a great summer of growth and discovery and I am grateful to have the opportunity to share this experience with your families.” – Robert Stewart, Glen Park Camp Director


  • Hammel Tsui Hammel Tsui
    Hammel Tsui
    CounselorI'm a former counselor!
  • Fiorella Monteza Fiorella Monteza
    Fiorella Monteza
    LITI'm a former LIT!
  • Rosa Sosa Rosa Sosa
    Rosa Sosa
    CounselorI'm a former counselor!
  • Daniel Santana Daniel Santana
    Daniel Santana
  • Ricky Gutierrez-Vallejo Ricky Gutierrez-Vallejo
    Ricky Gutierrez-Vallejo
  • Kirby Von Bebber Kirby Von Bebber
    Kirby Von Bebber
    CounselorI'm a former counselor!
  • Ricardo Roque Ricardo Roque
    Ricardo Roque
    EDMO Tech Instructor
  • Karla Lili Gonzalez Diaz Karla Lili Gonzalez Diaz
    Karla Lili Gonzalez Diaz
  • Tori Ameerah Jacobs Tori Ameerah Jacobs
    Tori Ameerah Jacobs
  • Alexandra Carlos Rosenthal Alexandra Carlos Rosenthal
    Alexandra Carlos Rosenthal
  • Brandon Guillermo Rosas Flores Brandon Guillermo Rosas Flores
    Brandon Guillermo Rosas Flores
  • Galeli Galvez Torres Galeli Galvez Torres
    Galeli Galvez Torres
  • Marcos Sosa Marcos Sosa
    Marcos Sosa
  • Javier Barraza Javier Barraza
    Javier Barraza
  • Evy Hernandez Evy Hernandez
    Evy Hernandez
    Jr. Coordinator

Hammel is super excited to be coming back to Camp EDMO as a counselor for the third summer in a row! Hammel was a camper at EDMO years ago and is looking forward to giving kids as exciting a camp experience as he had. He is looking forward to seeing the kids who are returning this year.

I Believe...

in Summer Days Filled with Laughter.

Fiorella is so happy to return as a camp counselor. This will be her 3rd year working for Camp EDMO, and she is excited to work with amazing campers. Besides working with children, she also loves animals and currently owns 4 pets. So during her free time, she likes to spend time with her dog, 2 guinea pigs, and pet hen. What she is most excited about camp is working alongside an amazing team of camp counselors who are eager to make a fantastic camp experience possible.

I believe...

in profound inner growth.

Rosy is very happy to be part of Camp EDMO for her 2nd summer. Hablo Espanol !

I Believe...

in the Logic of Kindness.

Danny is super happy to be joining Camp EDMO as a counselor this summer! He loves to create and design all kinds of things, from card-magic tricks to working Lego engines and is really excited to share his passion for creativity and exploration with the amazing campers at EDMO.

I Believe...

in Boundless Curiosity.

Ricky is really excited to start working as a Science Maker Instructor for his first time with Camp EDMO. During his free time, he loves to play and watch soccer with his friends.

I Believe...

in your infinite potential.

This is Kirby’s 6th year at Camp EDMO! He is SO excited to be back as an instructor for the SF Glen Park site! During the school year Kirby teaches math in North Bay. He enjoys eating burritos the size of his forearms and playing video games!

I Believe...

in your infinite potential.

Rico is excited for his first year as a Camp EDMO Technology Instructor. When he’s not working on mobile games, he performs musical improv in the Mission. He can’t wait for a fun summer of coding!

I Believe...

in Boundless Curiosity

Karla is excited to meet the Camp EDMO community and to join the team this summer!

I believe in...

the power of teamwork

Tori is very excited to start her first summer at Camp EDMO as a Camp Counselor. She loves to be around children and she can’t wait to get to know everyone!

I Believe in...

Summer Days Filled with Laughter

Alex is so happy to be able to be a camp counselor at Camp EDMO. This is her first summer as a counselor and she’s very excited. Fun fact: Alex is allergic to Kiwi but sometimes eats a little anyway because they’re delicious.

I Believe in...

the Logic of Kindness

Brandon is intrigued to be joining Camp EDMO. He was a varsity swimmer as well as a cheerleader in high school. Brandon has been to school in France as has been part of the Model United Nations in Switzerland. He’s looking forward to demonstrating the fun side of science.

I Believe In...

the Youth

Galy is so excited to start her first year at Camp EDMO. A fun fact about Galy is that she cannot ride a bike or swim. Something she is looking forward to is finally learning how to master those two activities.

I believe in...

creating well-rounded humans

Marcos is excited and looking forward

I Believe...

in staff who lead by example.

Javier is currently a college student at San Francisco State University. Javier is very enthusiastic about being a part of Camp EDMO. Javier is excited to bring positive energy and create a comfortable environment for all students. Javier loves to play many sports and loves hiking.

I Believe...

in the Logic of Kindness.

Evelyng is so excited to be part of Camp EDMO for the first time this summer as Jr. Instructor. Evelyng has been working as a tutor and teacher in different schools in San Francisco. She has experience from kindergarten to fifth grade. She is working right in a bilingual school and she loves her kids and the kids love her. She loves to teach rules, discipline, work by themselves, and have fun as well while learning. Evelyng’s fun fact is that whenever her kids are ignoring her rules or her she gets mad and starts speaking Italian unconsciously without being aware they are listening. They stop what they are doing to listen to her and they make fun of her in a nice way. Now, she uses that technique, but instead of speaking on Italian, she speaks in Korean or Chinese to grab their attention. It is funny that her languages are helping her to control her kids behave in class and outside class. Now, they know that if Ms. Evelyng starts speaking in another language she is mad and disappointed with them and they need to be quiet, behave, and listen to her.

I Believe...

in Expanding Hearts & Minds.


The DCYF 6 Week Camp EDMO™ Scholarship Program (San Francisco) is a special subsidized 6-week camp experience for 100 kids from priority low income areas, funded by the San Francisco Department of Children, Youth, and their Families.


Breakfast and Lunch provided by SFUSD Nutrition Services.

More information forthcoming.


Need a safe place for your kids to stay once the camp day ends? Our AM & PM extended hours programs run from 8:00AM-6:00PM to give you peace of mind. Great for parents who work, have appointments or just need a little more kid-free time in their day.

Please note that the week of July 1 (camp is closed Thursday, July 4).

Extended Day is included in the price of your program.

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