Equality Focus: Bridging the Gap

It’s a sad state of affairs, but not all schools have the same amount of recreation, physical education, science classes, high quality textbooks and even trained instructors. An under resourced school that doesn’t have these things may also not have enough materials for art projects, any professional development for teachers and staff, or even food for snacks and lunch for kids who need it.

Summer programs like Camp EDMO™ can provide some of what these schools are missing, often STEAM (Science, Technology, Engineering, Art & Math) and Social Emotional Learning (SEL). But summer camp is a luxury that not all children have access to. Like schools, kids and their families can be under resourced, too. All kids are capable of doing great things as adults, no matter what kind of school they attend or type of family they belong to. With the right opportunities, anyone can become  an ingenious research scientist, a ground breaking artist or one of a million other possibilities. The problem is that without resources, these opportunities pass many children by.

That’s why Camp EDMO’s™ Equity Programs, Sliding Scale Program and Leader-in-Training (LIT) Scholarship Program work to bring summer camp to kids whose families might not otherwise be able to afford it. It’s an attempt to bridge the gap that lies between these kids and the resources they aren’t getting, that can help them learn and thrive. Our Equity and Development Manager, Sia Magadan, has been working to address the holistic needs of young people for many years and has helped bring support to kids all around the Bay Area & Sacramento Region.

An experienced educator and program facilitator from Washington, D.C., Sia is dedicated to guiding students to succeed while inspiring a passion for learning and higher education. She has also been trained in the Youth Program Quality Intervention (YPQI) method and the Department of Children Youth & Families‘ Trauma Informed Care program. Both are based around positive youth development and focus on giving children the support that they need to succeed. These programs are infused with academic rigor or strategies that increase student initiative, cultivate an appreciation of diversity and awareness of social justice, facilitate engagement through active learning and help students develop a growth mindset that promotes healing and future success.