End of Summer Interactive Museum Fun!

Kids doing something fun and educationalSummer is almost over! So, it’s time to shift back into school mode. Now that camp is wrapping up here at EDMO®, we’re kicking off our School Year Programs for 2019-20. Similarly, one way families can ease kids’ transition back to the classroom is by spending a few hours together doing something that is both fun and educational: visiting an interactive museum! Sacramento and the Bay Area have tons of interactive museums with featured exhibitions that change throughout the year.

For example, here are some ideas in each of our regions. However, check exhibition dates because many end in early September. Whether you’re looking to dig up some dinosaurs, learn about animals that change color or deconstruct social constructions through art, there’s bound to be something new to discover!

East Bay

  • The Lawrence Hall Of Science: Dinosaurs In Motion
    Experience an amazing blend of science, art, and innovation using 14 magnificent, fully interactive, anatomically inspired, recycled life-size metal dinosaur sculptures to engage and educate like never before! This most-interactive dinosaur exhibition ever to tour engages with…

    • Art: Sketch, draw, and sculpt to explore your inner creativity!
    • Science: Learn kinetics, biomechanics, and robotics while moving the dinosaurs with pulleys, levers, and remote controls!
    • Innovation: Observe and experiment with your own prehistoric, recycled creations!
      Now Through September 2.
  • Chabot Space & Science Center: Luminous Moon: This Is Our Moon As You’ve Never Seen It
    Featuring more than 50 stunning high-resolution images, lunar artifacts and interactive opportunities for all ages, this exhibition invites the public to consider the Moon in new ways.
    Now through September 8.

North Bay

  • Bay Area Discovery Museum: Outdoor Woodworking
    Practice your sanding skills in the great outdoors during our temporary exhibit, Outdoor Woodworking! Children use real woodworking tools like rasps and sanders to alter the shape of large wooden beams.
  • The Marine Mammal Center: Fish Kitchen Experience
    Experience the sights (and smells!) of our fish kitchen. What do seals and sea lions eat? What, exactly, goes into a “fish milkshake”? Come with your questions and curiosity! We will provide the boots and gloves. Appropriate for ages 7 and up.


  • CuriOdyssey: River Otter (While not exactly interactive, this critter is certainly active!)
    See our energetic North American river otter at his daily feeding at 12pm, Tuesday through Sunday!
  • Palo Alto Junior Museum: Clean Green Energy Machines
    Clean Green Energy Machines introduces visitors to renewable energy and the science behind it. Our hands-on machines help visitors investigate wind, solar, water and kid-power—creating connections between the choices we make and our environment. A timely topic that is guaranteed to generate a lot of energy!


  • California State Railroad Museum: Small Wonders: The Magic Of Toy Trains
    This exhibit features some 1,000 vintage toy trains, six interactive displays, and a magnificent operating toy train layout. Named after the esteemed collector and donor, Thomas W. Sefton, the 3,300 square-foot exhibit features priceless examples of Lionel, Buddy L, and Märklin.
  • Powerhouse Science Center: Expedition Science
    Join us on an expedition across time and space! Examine fossils, dig up prehistoric beasts in our dino dig pit, explore the interior layers of the Earth, and travel to distant galaxies.

San Francisco

  • California Academy of Sciences: Skin: Living Armor, Evolving Identity
    Explore the beauty and sophistication of this complex organ through rarely seen scientific specimens, fascinating interactives, and thought-provoking investigations of a challenging subject that’s far from black and white.
    Now through January 20.
  • Exploratorium: Self, Made: Exploring You In A World Of We
    Dive into the universe of you and spark great conversations at this bold yet playful all-ages exhibition. Whether you find yourself, lose yourself, or reinvent yourself, we hope you’ll be part of the experiment.
    Now through September 2.

South Bay

  • Children’s Museum of San Jose: Sid the Science Kid: The Super-Duper Exhibit!
    For the first time ever, kids will be able to step into Sid’s world and become “science kids” themselves as they discover and investigate everyday science questions around Sid’s home, at school in the Super Fab Lab and on the playground. Through fun, hands-on activities, kids will use scientific tools and thinking to learn about simple machines, the laws of motion, magnetism, air power and the five senses. It’s sure to be a super-duper-ooper-schmooper good time!
    Now through September 2.
  • The Tech Interactive: BioDesign Studio
    Biology has become a powerful and revolutionary technology in today’s world, uniquely poised to transform and propel innovation in the near future. BioDesign Studio engages the public in interactive exhibits that spark imagination and confidence with the burgeoning fields of synthetic biology, bioengineering, biological design and DIY biology.