Eggcellent Spring Craft

Here’s a fun way to spend time with your kids learning about seeds, watching them grow and celebrating spring, whether you go outside for some sun or need to stay in because of rain!

Inspired by the book Teenie Tiny Gardening by Emma Hardy, this craft re-uses common household materials and gives you an opportunity to explore a seed website or rack at your local hardware store and maybe even start a garden outside.

If you can, try to find seeds from Botanical Interests, there’s quite a bit of helpful information on each of their seed packets – so you’ll know how to transfer your sprouts to the garden outside when they outgrow their shells. Blogger Garden Betty even has step-by-step instructions for transferring your sprouts, that link is at the end of this post.

You’ll Need:
– Eggshells
– Egg carton
– Potting mix
– Seeds
– One knife
– One pin or needle

How To:
You can either plan to make an omelet and use the eggs all at once or collect shells as you eat eggs in other ways for a week or two.

– Start by cutting the top of each egg with the knife and pouring out the contents.

– Rinse each eggshell thoroughly.

– Using the pin (or needle), make a few small holes in the bottom of each shell for drainage.

– Then pat them dry and put them back into the carton.

– Spoon a little potting mix into each shell until slightly more than half filled.

– Add seeds and top up with a little more potting mix.

– Water and wait – voila!

Follow these links for more information:
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Thanks to Frog Mom Blog for posting about this craft
Learn about seeds from Botanical Interests
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