Curriculum to Build On

For years, people have been asking about our curriculum. Why? At EDMO™ we know kids. We know what’s important to their development, what they respond to and how to put them on the path to a happy life. Alongside our nationally recognized museum and university partners, we’ve been crafting curriculum for out-of-school time programs for over 15 years. We see the impact our curriculum has, and so do others. We want more kids to reap the benefits of our programs.

Our time-tested, maker-focused STEAM & SEL programs spark curiosity, stretch creativity, strengthen collaboration skills and inspire self-growth in both kids and staff. License our curriculum to increase your organization’s potential for good, grow enrollments, increase staff retention and enlarge parent satisfaction.

Features of our STEAM & SEL curriculum license include:

  • The EDMO Method™: Integrated Mindsets, SEL & Character lessons
  • Maker-focused Science, Technology and Nature modules
  • Individualized coaching & training
  • Flexible alignment with state standards and program structure
  • Digital and bound formats of activities
  • Extension activities to encourage learning at home
  • Access to proprietary supply management system

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Curriculum Licensing Details

What's Available

It’s just as important to learn how to code as it is to build a bridge or hug a tree.  We don’t know what your child will be when they grow up, but we want them to succeed. The point of our programs is to spark kids’ curiosity, stretch their creativity, strengthen their collaboration skills and inspire self-reflection. Along the way, they experience our interconnectedness with each other and the natural world. When 21st Century learning skills are combined with this kind of social emotional intelligence, their potential for good is boundless…and that’s what success looks like to us.

Our weekly themes fall under three maker-infused categories: Science, Technology & Nature. All of them include maker projects that fuse collaborative design challenges with art and individual expression.


We don’t use kits to build, we use mindsets. Our Maker/Science Program curriculum revolves around design challenges that mimic real-life scenarios and lots of household materials (you can even bring your own). With our emphasis on developing both a Maker Mindset and Growth Mindset, campers feel safe to make mistakes and learn from them. They work together in teams to find multiple solutions for a common problem. Projects blur the line between art and science and allow for lots of personal expression. More than learning from our Instructors, we encourage campers to draw knowledge from their experience and each other. This is why lessons learned at EDMO™ last long after the summer is over.

Sample Themes: Bug Buddies, Tinkertown, Space Explorers


We use technology to transmit goodness. Our Technology Programs empower campers to make a difference in the world by building fundamental digital media skills. Campers apply both the Maker Mindset and Connected Mindset™ to create “positive goal” games, apps, and movies. Yes, kids are learning tech skills like coding, animation, and web design that can inspire hobbies or even careers. At the same time though, they are learning life skills that apply to any scenario like how to work in teams, empathize with your audience, convey a personal message, or persevere through challenge. Oh, and along the way, we make sure they get healthy outdoor play and good ol’ fashion camp fun.

Sample Themes: Lego Animation, Minecraft Apprentice, Roblox Game Coder


We let nature be our teacher. Our Nature Programs turn the environment into our classroom. Campers practice the Maker Mindset and Mindfulness in beautiful regional parks, typically in late July through August. We focus on developing an eco-consciousness by seeing the world through the lens of nature’s creatures. Campers take guided hikes with our naturalists and learn to identify and respect flora and fauna. They use the scientific method and techniques employed by actual physicists, chemists, biologists, or entomologists in the field. We even incorporate survival skills such as tying knots, constructing a shelter or safely build a campfire. Campers leave prepared for life in school…or the wild.

Sample Themes: Art in the Park, Wild Things, Green City

Who Crafts It

At EDMO™, we ground our programs in science and partner with Social Emotional Learning (SEL) & STEAM professionals from top institutions. Our Advisory Board includes Education Directors from UC Berkeley’s Greater Good Science CenterMaker Ed, the California Academy of Sciences and the Children’s Creativity Museum. Any EDMO Science, Tech and Nature program you choose incorporates the most research-informed techniques of building our four foundational Mindsets and six key SEL skills. It’s the EDMO Method™.

What's Included

Our curriculum is designed to get kids excited and wanting to learn more. We want you to get excited to, that’s why we provide:

  • Content digitally, as well as in printed and bound formats
  • Suggested supply list, inventory sheet and purchasing guide
  • Provide you and/or your team with training
  • Training handbook and sample agendas
  • Access to EDMO™ curricular unit activity guides
  • Ongoing monitoring of programs and feedback if requested
  • Lots of daily activities and projects to continue learning at home
Please note: program cost may vary based on which elements above are included, as well as by location of licensee.
How to Get Started

To find out what makes the most sense for your organization, simply:

  1. Email Sharon Mor, EDMO™ Co-founder at OR
  2. Call 415.282.6673 to learn more!