How EDMO® is surviving

With all the bad press about camps going out of business these days, a common question we’ve been getting is, “How are you surviving?”. If I had to sum it up, I’d say three main factors: 

  • Heroic Volunteer Staff. Right now, you could describe EDMO®  as a government-sponsored equity project. We made the painful decision to lay off 85% of our full-time staff on March 19, 2020. Most staff (founders included) are collecting unemployment, but still working as volunteers. Why? Because our values are aligned with how we’re doing business. The Honor System Pricing and our equity focus speaks to our souls. Think about this. Our curriculum writers are volunteering to write projects to keep your kids busy so that you can work. Our HR Manager is volunteering to process job applications so that others can have work this summer. There’s no other way to put it. Our staff are fricken’ heroes.
  • The EDMO Method®. We’ve been practicing The EDMO Method and its six SEL RECIPE skills for 17 years. Sharon and I feel a deep sense of Responsibility to create jobs for our staff and help our parents through this crisis. We’re practicing Empathy with parents who suddenly have their kids home all day and school district struggling to figure out distance learning. We’ve Collaborated with families, school districts, and other non-profits in the design of our EDMO Live! Camp, Drop-in and Coach programs. We took the Initiative to shift completely online for now and adapt our curriculum. We continue to Problem Solve every day to make the experience feel as interactive and close to real life as possible. We’re practicing Emotion Management so we can be our most courageous selves in the face of fear. We’re being curious, courageous & kind humans. It’s our mission
  • Our Faith in Humans. We’ve decided to put the future of our organization in the hands of the families we serve. That’s why we offered refunds to families who purchased in-person camps this summer. That’s why we asked for parents’ help to build an online learning platform. That’s why we created an Honor System. EDMO will survive because people want us to. Out of the 1,400 and counting EDMO Live! Drop-in sessions that have been booked, 70% are paying the full price. One in ten families are donating even more to help us cover the families using Honor Codes. Parents are also spreading the word. We’ve had kids in almost 20 states and three countries log in to our online classes. We just launched EDMO Live! Camps last week and over 500 sessions have already been booked! 

You are why we will not just survive, but will thrive in this new era. Thank you for being with us through this time and beyond.