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Curriculum Spotlight – Marina Hydeman 

Greetings from the curriculum department! This week I (Ryan Kochevar) sat down with Marina Hydeman to talk all things curriculum.   RK: Marina is our nature and science programs writer for our EDMO and PRO curriculum, that’s for campers in 1st through 8th grades. She’s here with me today to answer some questions I have.  MH: Looking forward to it!   RK: So, first question, how long have you …

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Recognizing Character

Today is Character Day, a global initiative where a myriad of schools, organizations and families view films and printed materials and have the opportunity to join an online conversation about the importance of building character. Character Day is the brainchild of Tiffany Shlain, an Emmy-nominated filmmaker and founder of The Webby Awards. Her website, Let it Ripple, as the site states …

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How to Get Kids Interested in Giving, Part Two

We recently posted some ideas to help children develop a habit of charitable giving this summer, which is an important step in building one of three core character traits we develop in our campers: kindness. To continue that theme, here are some great inspirations for generosity – kids who’ve been recognized for their own charitable giving! Earlier this year, Face2Face …

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Getting Ready for Camp!

Memorial Day has passed and school is either out or just about to be. Most kids are excited for a break from school and ready for a fantastic summer experience. To us that means, it’s time to get ready for summer camp! Why camp? Curious children love to have their creativity celebrated while making projects and solving problems their own …

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What Does Camp Teach Kids?

The American Camp Association, Parenting experts, Time Magazine and even scientific research have all shown the numerous benefits of having your child attend summer camp. At Camp EDMO™, we obviously talk about how attendance in quality summer camps helps reduce summer learning loss, as well as how it contributes to the development of social emotional and life skills in all …

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Pay It Forward

The simplest way to define the concept of “Pay it Forward” is that when someone does something for you, instead of paying that person back, you pass it on to another person instead. Paying it Forward can also be an act you start yourself; just something you do for no other reason than helping others makes you feel good. According …

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