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Encouraging Connectedness

Feeling connected to a social group and to nature is good for us, science says. It increases our individual emotional and physical health, and also the well being of planet Earth and our species as a whole. There is even evidence that “the roots of lifelong happiness…stretch back into childhood,” where social connectedness has been found to play a more …

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The Community Classroom

The learning process is most often associated with a set of indoor locations, i.e. classrooms, lecture halls, workshops, etc. Today, we want to add another location to that list, our own communities. With grass roots initiatives and a call to action on a local level for change reaching a fever pitch across the nation, there is no better time to step out of our …

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A Rainy Day Survival Kit

A Rainy Day Survival Kit – From The Museum of Craft and Design With the weather the way it’s been lately, parents everywhere need to be prepared for more indoor play! Put together a basic “Rainy Day Kit” and you’ll be ready when you hear anyone complain that they’re bored. Make sure your kit is age-appropriate, in terms of safety, …

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Post-Election Founder Note

Dear EDMO Families, Now more than ever, the world needs courageous people who can be their authentic selves and stand up for those who might be outnumbered or marginalized. The world needs kind people who can empathize, collaborate, and build community with others. The world needs curious people who want to learn about science, nature, and technology and use their …

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Great Ideas for your Family’s Time Off

This weekend marks the start of a couple of days or the whole week off for many families around the Bay. To keep your time off fun-filled, here are a few ideas for things to make or do! Valentines Day Craft: Crystal Hearts Make simple but elegant Valentine’s Day decorations for your home or to send to class as a …

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Ways to While Away Winter

Want something to do? You could try and put together sentences with lots of words starting with the same letter like we just did in our header, or you could do something much more fun. We know you’re ready for summer camp but since it doesn’t start until June, we had a few ideas on fun activities to keep you and …

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