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Archive: Kids Crafts

Makers: Why does my kid keep raiding the recycling bin?

Better than LEGOs, MindCraft and even YouTube, raiding the recycling bin is my son’s favorite past-time. Starting with a supply of duct tape, and as he’s gotten older a glue-gun, batteries, LEDs, wires, wheels, a small tool kit, and a few motors re-purposed from RC cars of the past, he can occupy himself for hours. I’m sorry to admit that …

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Makers: What’s Behind All The Hype?

There’s a lot of making out there today: messy, sticky, smudgy, artistic, electronic or robotic. Every city has a Maker Faire, Make magazine is in the checkout line at the grocery store, and schools around the U.S. are asking parents to help supply their new Makerspaces. Are you wondering what’s all the hype? When did art class jump the shark …

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A Rainy Day Survival Kit

A Rainy Day Survival Kit – From The Museum of Craft and Design With the weather the way it’s been lately, parents everywhere need to be prepared for more indoor play! Put together a basic “Rainy Day Kit” and you’ll be ready when you hear anyone complain that they’re bored. Make sure your kit is age-appropriate, in terms of safety, …

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One Man’s Trash Can be a Kid’s Treasure

Teaching kids to recycle is easy and one of the simplest ways to get kids involved at an early age is by leading by example. You can also set up a recycling center at home, take your kids on a field trip to a recycling center or just help your kids come up with ideas for things to make with the …

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Family Activities for Over The Holidays

It’s the last day of school before holiday vacation. However your family spends the next two weeks, we hope you enjoy your time together and send good wishes for the new year. If you’re looking for ideas of what to do with your children during their time off, here’s a great list courtesy of handsonaswegrow.com. Visit their website for more great ideas.

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Learn about Metamorphosis: Caterpillar and Butterfly Craft

Teaching our younger generations about natural processes is not just about them passing science class. It gives them a deeper understanding of the world and all it’s critters.  Metamorphosis is a process some animals go through to become adults! It is a series of physical changes. Metamorphosis is especially common in insects. Genes and chemicals called hormones control the process. …

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